Xink Platform Explained – Xink Users

We have made an infographic to show you who all our Xink users are and where they are and what they are doing when using Xink…

Have a look at it and see if you recognize yourself in one of the scenarios –  Of course this is not completely true that all our users are always in one of these situations, but at least we know that we have quite a few residing on their own islands or are on the cruise ship – which will hopefully not Xink :-).

Xink Infographic - Users

Of course most of our users are really in the office or on the run visiting clients, vendors and potential clients, and in that way Xink really helps you on the go and not to think about your brand when you send all your emails on the go.

Have also a look at our upcoming reroute solution which Works also if you are not able to see the email signature on your device before you send it. There are a lot of these email apps out there where you cannot see the email signature before you send the email.

Even though most of mobile users are using a laptop with Outlook for Mac or Windows, more and more users using the mobile phones even though it is still difficult to respond decently by using the small screen.

Also check out our blog post about different email apps you can use on the run and while at your desk.