Here at Xink, we are focused on making any implementation of Xink as smooth and easy as possible. This is why we offer a variety of different ways to deploy Xink. You can use server-side signatures, use the Xink client app for Outlook on Windows and Mac, or you can even use the invitation email method. The invitation email method is excellent for smaller companies.

We now launch a new and straightforward way of implementing Xink if you are using Microsoft 365. So we proudly introduce the email signature add-in by Xink: The Xink add-in for Microsoft 365.

The flexibility by choosing your preferred method of implementing Xink is now even bigger!

Implement Xink easily by installing the Microsoft 365 add-in

The Xink add-in for Outlook is a new way to insert Xink signatures when composing emails in Outlook. Once installed, the email signature add-in works across all platforms, i.e.

Read more about Xink email signature management for Microsoft 365!

User Actions and Using the email signature add-in

The Xink email signature add-in is very easy to install and manage. You install the Xink add-in as Microsoft 365 administrator. It becomes instantly available to all the users of your company.

So no user actions need to be taken. Everything appears automatically to the users.

Here is an example of a user with Xink signatures through the add-in:

Email Signature addin

Everything is intuitive and immediately accessible, so no further guidance is needed.