We are thrilled to announce a very cool and unique feature that we have just released at Xink!

You can now use embedded images in your email signatures when using Xink serverside email signatures in Microsoft 365. That is, when emails are routed through Xink servers (serverside email signatures), you can choose to have those embedded images. This means that you have a guarantee that the logo always will show correctly to the recipient.

This is really cool!

We still leave it to you as an option if you want to enable this or not when using server-side signatures, but we highly recommend enabling this feature. When enabled, we make sure that your email signature images and logos always appear correctly when the email is read.

To enable this feature in Xink, check the “Embed Email Signature Images” in the ‘Microsoft 365 (server-side)’ settings:

Many other cool server-side features for Microsoft 365 clients

This is just one of many cool features in Xink for Microsoft 365 clients running serverside email signatures. These are, for example:

OWA Email Signatures are also fully supported for Microsoft 365 users

One last note on the email signature serverside control for Microsoft 365  is that we of course also offer email signatures in OWA to be seen while composing the email – also if you are not running Xink serverside!

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