Office 365 Email Signature and Branding Challenges

Your Office 365 email signature says a lot about you. Unfortunately, this is often misconstrued by employees as an opportunity to showcase their diverse personality. The lack of consistency in email signatures is seen often among companies, including in larger organizations where it becomes increasingly difficult to corral users into one systematic email signature approach. With more and more companies adopting Outlook on the Office 365 platform, a lack of brand uniformity in email signatures undermines your brand.
The challenges faced by administrators when moving to Office 365 is that there’s very little opportunity to collectively brand emails. Administrators and IT personnel find themselves frustrated in trying to train and manage all employees to adopt one way of formatting email signatures. Adding a logo to that signature adds another level of complexity that adds to the already growing frustration in achieving compliance.

Furthermore, while Office 365 is a great platform, it’s not designed to amplify marketing efforts. There’s no real opportunity to quickly and systematically add graphics or banners that highlight new products, services or campaigns. What this means for the end user is that each email sent out is a lost opportunity to showcase your company or spotlight a feature.
Xink solves that problem with one cloud-based system. An email signature management and campaign tool, Xink arms your Office 365 email signature to act as a voice piece for your brand and marketing campaigns. It enables administrators and managers to schedule email signature campaigns that are tailored to specific marketing plans. Users can also target email signature campaigns for groups of employees. Going a step further, built-in analytics lets you see which email signature campaigns are most successful.

Working with Xink, you can maximize visibility across different levels of engagement. Office 365 email signatures can be uniquely customized no matter who you’re engaging with. An email to a vendor, for example, should have a tailored signature for that audience versus one sent to clients. An email to a prospective client should have call to action banners below your signature that helps convert and educate the client. Those who have recently adopted your services or products might benefit from an Office 365 email signature that guides them to the right resources necessary to be part of an effective business flow.

Furthermore, how you utilize your email signature options shouldn’t have to change according to which device you’re using. Your Office 365 email signature selection should be static whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device, so that all communications and be enforced and protected by your brand.

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars for their website and print collateral. However, it’s the day-to-day email exchanges that gets you the most face time with current and prospective clients. Shouldn’t that time be underscored with a cohesive branded email signature across all Office 365 users in your company? A strongly emphasized email signatures allows each employee to act as a brand ambassador across all your communications and marketing campaigns. It allows each email to act as its own marketing campaign.