We’re happy to say that Xink now integrates with your Office 365 user directory! You already know that Xink integrates with G Suite’s global directory but now we complete it by adding full user sync with Office 365 User Directory.

Of course, if you’re a longtime Xink client, you may be asking yourself, “Doesn’t Xink already integrate with Office 365?” Well, the answer is yes. Xink integrates with Office 365, but on the user side, you previously needed to use either Active Directory or Azure AD to sync your employee database with our email signature management program. That is no longer the case.

In reality, the Office 365 User Directory is Azure AD, so when I write “user directory” I mean Azure AD in reality.

The full user sync makes it possible to quickly and easily transfer employee information over to our platform.

Office 365 User DIrectory

How Can the Office 365 Integration Bring Value to You?

The benefits of our Office 365 integration include ease of use, database continuity, database access and availability, and a simple means of transferring employee info over from one platform to another. With our integration, you can quickly and easily sync your entire user database over to Xink, allowing you to get up and running in no time – there is no need to worry about missing users or email addresses. With our integration, you can be confident that every user and every employee will be present.

Easy integration means that your entire organization can leverage custom email signatures – both for outbound messages and replies – along with customized and role-dependent email signature marketing campaigns. You can rest easy knowing that every outbound email from your company adheres to branding guidelines, includes on-point and up-to-date messaging, and is running the latest promotion or marketing effort.

With thousands (if not tens or hundreds of thousands) of emails being sent from your employees each and every month, it is vital that you leverage this communication for branding and marketing purposes. By integrating Xink with your existing Office 365 user directory, you can do just that.


Integrate Your Office 365 User Directory Today

Thanks to easy integration with your Office 365 user directory, syncing your Xink account with your employee information is now a non-event. You can quickly and easily transfer your existing contacts over to Xink, and take comfort knowing that any new contacts which are added to your database (such as new hires) will automatically be carried over without any effort on your behalf – Xink takes care of it by default.

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