No two email services are exactly the same (Office 365 and Gmail, for example), which is why we are constantly updating our products. One such product is our Office 365 Rerouting App.

This product supports the needs of our mobile users, as well as clients that utilize third-party applications that don’t support inline email signatures. Our rerouting app allows you to only select the options you need for email signature control — nothing more — while adding the email signature of your choice to the final message. It works like this:

Xink Office 365 Rerouting App
Our Xink Rerouting App lets Office 365 users maintain control over their email signatures.

Of course, up to this point, there has been one small caveat regarding our rerouting app: it was still in test and development. That is no longer the case! For clients that utilize Office 365, we are opening our Xink Rerouting App for Office 365 for public beta testing! We have been working on this for a long time, are we’re ready to get your feedback!

With our public beta program, a selection of customers will have access to our Office 365 rerouting app to test it themselves. This will help us fine-tune the product and iron out any wrinkles prior to wide release. It also provides our Office 365 customers with some unique functionalities before they are available to the public. Why not try out our rerouting app for yourself?

Sign up for our beta program today. Spaces are limited!