One of the first things we always ask Office 365 users is: Do you need a server-side (rerouting) or a client solution for managing your company email signatures? Office 365 is one of the most widely used platforms for businesses today, with Outlook being its gemstone for email services. And with email comes email signatures – and here’s where it gets interesting! We’ve decided to dedicate November to feature a lot of content for Office 365 users!

A Server-Side or a Client Solution?

So what do we mean by a server-side (rerouting) or a client solution? For the non-technical readers, this basically means if you want to be able to see the email signatures while you are composing your emails or not?

As the only provider of email signature management, Xink offers both solutions for Office 365 users. This gives your business an opportunity to make a choice of which one is right for you. Take a deeper dive into our features for Office 365!

Server-Side Solution: The signature is added when the email is sent

The server-side solution reroutes the email over Xink’s Azure-based servers. Here the email signatures are added and routed back to the customer’s Office 365 account. Then the email is sent with the appropriate signature attached. As the signature is added after the user sends the email, they will not see the signature while they are composing their message. However, the recipient will see the signature displayed correctly as if it was sent from any other email program. Ultimately, it is the recipient that matters most when it comes to email signatures.

Tutorial: How to configure Server-Side using Office 365

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Client Solution: The signature appears while the email is being composed

The client solution is an app which is easily deployed to all PCs and Mac computers. For users, our Azure-based administration platform acts as the glue between Outlook/Apple Mail and Xink; it automatically pulls the signatures from Xink based on who the user is and deploys updates. And best of all, all standard Outlook/Apple Mail features are preserved (zero footprints). Not only will the users see their email signature as they are composing the email, but they can choose between additional signatures by right-clicking on the signature field – just as they’re accustomed to! Some of the features of the client solution are:

Office 365 and Xink Make a Perfect Match

Why does the Xink platform work so well with Office 365? Well, the simple answer is because we’ve created a role-based platform that is so easy to manage for our users. IT only needs to be involved in the very beginning, and after this, there is no need for IT involvement. Often the platform is managed by the Marketing department.

At Xink, our goal is to help make our users’ jobs easier for them. This starts with optimizing our platform to work with the tools they are using. If your organization uses Office 365 – and there’s a good chance you do – we think you’ll find that Xink is a perfect choice to help you manage your company email signatures with ease across all platforms and devices. Why don’t you give us a chance? Jump on a free 14-day trial – no commitments!

You might also find our latest eBook on Office 365 and Xink helpful – it’s completely FREE.