We are pleased to announce that our email signature solution for Office 365 – aptly titled ‘Email Signatures for Office 365’ and designed for mobile users and companies that utilize third-party applications which don’t support inline email signatures – is now in Public Beta testing. Sure, we have always supported Office 365 (in fact, Xink is built specifically to work with Office 365), but with our rerouting extension we make certain that you can use your email signatures for Office 365 no matter what device you are using: desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

You may be wondering, “Why should I sign up? Do I need email signatures for Office 365?” The answer is fairly simple: Our solution enables you to manage and control your email signature regardless of your email platform (assuming you’re using Office 365, of course) while ensuring that the same default email signature that you are using in Outlook is also used when sending out emails with any of your other devices. This means your mobile emails no longer have red X’s or ‘Sent from my smartphone’ attached in lieu of the signature you want.

Customers who have signed up for beta will be contacted this week.

It works like this:

Email Signatures for Office 365

Email Signatures for Office 365

Best of all, you can be confident that your branded email signature goes through, regardless of the device it’s being sent from – PC, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. We encourage you to use the application today, as we would love your feedback. Your user experience will help us refine the product prior to wide release.

As illustrated above, this is how it works. When you are using your mobile device, it will reroute the email through our servers; this is where your email signature will be added. If you sent the email from Outlook, you already have your email signature (via Xink client app) so it will not be rerouted. Only your mobile emails will be rerouted and hence, your email signature will be updated.

Of course, the other benefit for our Office 365 customers is that they get to leverage unique and useful functionalities prior to anyone else. Try email signatures for Office 365 today!

Sign up for our beta program today by adding your details here or contacting us. We will then contact you about how to get started.