We could tell you all the awesome benefits of choosing Xink for Office 365 email signature management. But today we’d like to give the word to our customers! Some of them have been with us for more than a decade. Others have only just started using Xink.

In collaboration with the leading business software review platform G2crowd.com, we asked our customers to tell us what they think about Xink for Office 365.


“Works Seamlessly and is very easy to administer”

“I have been a user of Xink for 3+ years now. I absolutely love that I can manage the signatures from one portal. I love being able to send a link to the employee where they follow simple instructions to get it setup and going on their own. Absolutely the best signature management I’ve used and we tried out 3 or 4 before we picked Xink. We use Office 365 and Outlook as well as Outlook online for some users and the signatures are seamless across the two platforms. Mac or Windows makes no difference. I would highly recommend Xink. We use the service to standardize our signatures across the company. We recently had a branding change for half of our users and it was a quick edit to make everyone the same. We have a yearly event that we advertise in our signatures and the Campaign feature is great for that.” Mark M.

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“Fantastic Email Signature Solution”

“Extremely easy to use and deploy. Simple management for multiple signatures, allowing different templates for different users in different countries/departments. Works will with Outlook Web App (Office365) for users that do not have Outlook client installed. Good product support when required. Before we had Xink it was difficult to have HTML and image-rich signatures for Office 365 users. We have been a user of Xink for nearly 5 years now and have not looked back since. Xink solved this issue with ease and allows us to have different signatures and signature campaigns for different sites around the world, managed all from a web console.”, Ellis L.

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“My need for an Email Signature management tool”

“You can manage all users and their signatures from a single dashboard. It is compatible with both Outlook and Mail. You can setup multiple signatures with HTML editing option. It lets you assign your users to different signatures depending on the department or role they are in. Xink lets you store multiple logos and resize them if needed. If a user’s role changes, you can update it on the dashboard and the changes will be automatically apply on their mail client. Without Xink, we would need to use a server and a very complicated approach for such a simple task. There are not many other solutions out there that would support both Mac and Windows users. The signatures also appear well on mobile devices regardless of the mail client that is used.” Amir H.

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Platform for Brand Control in Signatures and Consistency Across Devices

The words from our Office 365 customers make us really proud. In the ever-changing software industry, it is imperative to stay on your toes and embrace the technological development, and maybe even be frontrunners in some areas. We try our best to develop the Xink platform to fit any company need for brand control and consistency across devices when it comes to email signatures. Our technical foundation continues to be our biggest strength. With Xink, you will get a solid, tested and well-founded solution to manage your Office 365 email signatures.

Give Xink for Office 365 a try –  you won’t regret it! Free trial for 14 days and no commitment!

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