Halloween is here, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and the macabre! But did you know there may be a monster lurking in your very own email? It’s true! Here are six very true, very scary facts about email signatures.

Turn back now before it’s too late!

Scary facts signature

1. They haunt you in each and every email that you send!

They are always there, watching you from the bottom of your email body. They’re just ready to make you look bad, lest you take control of them! What does your email signature say about you? Remember, looks can kill!

2. You see more email signatures than Facebook posts!

Well… that depends on how you count obviously. But if you receive 50 emails per day, answer them, and read them again, you can easily see an email signature 500 times during a day. Do you look at your Facebook page 500 times per day? Some of you might! But for many of you, email signatures are inescapable. Why not use that to your advantage?

3. The email signature often takes up 100 times more space than your message!

Unless you control your email signatures using Xink, a small Outlook signature can take up 50kb of space. This is 50-100 times more than your core message! Imagine how a poorly composed email signature can affect the load time on the recipient’s end. Scary!

4. With proper control they can drive up to 30% more traffic to your web site!

You may think, “What’s scary about that?” Well, did it ever occur to you how much traffic you’ve been missing out on because your email signatures are bland and forgettable?! Catchy signature campaigns can really boost up your click rates, so embrace the eye candy! Now that’s scary!

5. Among the most overlooked and ignored space in your email body is the signature!

We’re accustomed to email signatures just sitting there. You always see them but they slip by so easily because most are utterly forgettable. But a properly designed email signature can reclaim this space for good. Turn vacant real estate into valuable real estate with compelling content and visuals. With a vibrant email signature, you can reanimate the dead and undead alike!

6. Most employees make them themselves!!

Oh boy. Oh no! This is truly scary! This is one tale even too scary for us. Employees designing and distributing their own home-grown email signatures using your corporate email address? Say it ain’t so! Don’t let this happen. Control the mindless hordes with our email signature management platform — Xink.

Happy Halloween!

Get Control. Get Xink.