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  • Outlook email signature (Windows/Mac)
  • Outlook on the web signature (browser)
  • Mobile devices (iOS/Android)
  • ISO 27001 environments (Microsoft Azure Cloud)


  • Gmail email signature (browser)
  • Gmail app (iOS/Android)
  • No rerouting of company emails - no risk!
  • ISO 27001 environments


  • Integrates with Office 365
  • Integrates with G Suite
  • Integrates with Active Directory, Azure AD, SQL
  • Integrates with Google Directory


for 240 Employees


What Our Customers Say

Convenient and easy to use

“The functionality is great and the tool is very easy to use. I’ve used it across two different companies – one time as a purchaser/administrator and one time as a user. From the user perspective, it is absolutely seamless – there is no need to do anything, the signature information just automatically populates for you. Very easy to manage as an admin as well.”

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Arpine B.
Conversion-obsessed, automation-savvy, data driven growth hacker

Fantastic email signature solution

“Extremely easy to use and deploy. Simple management for multiple signatures, allowing different templates for different users in different countries/departments. Works will with Outlook Web App (Office365) for users that do not have Outlook client installed. Good product support when required.”

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Ellis L.

Works Seamlessly and is very easy to administer

“I have been a user of Xink for 3+ years now. I absolutely love that I can manage the signatures from one portal. I love being able to send a link to the employee where they follow simple instructions to get it setup and going on their own. Absolutely the best signature management I’ve used and we tried out 3 or 4 before we picked Xink. We use Office 365 and Outlook as well as Outlook online…”

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Mark M.
Operations Manager at Lehr

Email Signatures Reimagined

“We absolutely love that Xink integrates with our CRM system (Salesforce), marketing system (Campaign Monitor) and service system (Zendesk) – The advanced API means that we can manage email signatures all from one single place and ensure every email we send is on brand and pushing key campaign messages. The platform is really intuitive and easy to use and the onboarding was great. I’d…”

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Chris S.
CMO at Sideways 6

Great, flexible signature tool!

“I love the fact that Xinx provides me with a flexible solution to apply different custom signatures for my company. We have been able to go from fully server side signatures to client based, and back. This is imperative for my ever growing company.”

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Fred R.

Of all our vendors – XINK is by far my favorite.

“Xink is simple. Xink is affordable. Xink is my favorite program we use. We were able to set up everything in-house. The customer service is excellent and I just can’t say enough. They were there with us the entire step of the way. If we ever encounter an issue or something we can’t figure out on our end, they are always there willing to help, and quickly. We have total control of all signatures…”

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Peter M.
Director of Marketing & Communications Scarinci Hollenbeck, Attorneys at Law

Set it and forget IT!

“This software is very intuitive and allows a seamless integration company-wide with our systems. We set up users in G Suite and within an hour the users’ emails have our company signature with our picture. Couldn’t ask for much more than that.”

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Ricky S.
IT Support Specialist

Full Featured and Easy to Use

“Xink makes it very easy to automate user signatures. With full integration across all Directory platforms, there’s no need for additional steps when it comes to setting up a user and their signature. Xink takes care of it all for you. The integration filters even allow us to automatically remove users who have left from Xink, making less work on our end for both the employee entrance and exit procedure.”

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Josh T.

Perfect Solution for Office 365 Email Signatures

“So far the ease of administration, modifications that can be made to the end-user email signatures. Additionally, the initial setup was extremely easy to roll out to our end users.”

Administrator in Logistics and Supply Chain

A great solution to managing signatures and marketing campaigns

“Before using Xink I needed to spend a lot of time configuring user signatures to keep them within company branding. Users would often make their own edits which made it difficult to keep things uniform. With Xink I hardly have to think about it. The software gets installed via group policy and the data automatically gets pulls from Active Directory.”

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Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

An easy, quick solution for signature management, across multiple departments

“Like most businesses, we need to change our signatures regularly and to do this, we use Xink. It’s a great platform to manage company wide signatures and the online portal allows you to create and amend them with ease. As a Microsoft Partner, for us it was important this solution synced well with Outlook and it certainly does this – Would highly recommend to any business that needs an easy, quick solution for signature management, across multiple departments.”

Hannah Evenden-Morley
Stripe OLT