If you use e.g. Office 365 or G Suite within your organization, you know that not everyone is granted the same access. Some people are designated administrators. Others have only the access and permissions they need. It makes sense to do things this way, of course.

Not only do access permissions and role-based login help streamline processes. They reduce your risk across the board. In plain terms, limit what a person can see or do within an application, and you limit that person’s ability to inadvertently break something. Well, Xink is no different. For efficiency, security, and peace of mind, we happily offer role-based login to all Xink users. Let’s take a look.


Which Role Do You Want to Play?

Do you want to have your hands in everything? If so, an administrator role is best for you. But what about your employees? Surely you may want to let them update their own email signatures. But should they be able to do more than that? Probably not. For these users, you can give them standard permissions. Or you can provide one additional step of access with an admin account.

Xink Role-based login

Management Roles

There are four different management or admin accounts available to you in the Xink platform:

  1. Account Administrator: Account administrators enjoy full access to all features and functionalities in the admin panel. This login is best reserved for senior managers across relevant departments.
  2. Signature Administrator: Signature administrators can assign signatures to employees, and also gain access to signature rules, signature fields, and signature management controls. This login is ideal for marketing or creative personnel who are involved in email signature creation.
  3. Marketing Administrator: Marketing administrators have access to your company’s email signature marketing campaigns, which are quite different than email signatures. This login is perfect for your number crunchers and analysts, as it allows them to make adjustments to your campaigns on the fly.
  4. People Administrator: Finally, people or employee administrators enjoy full access to employee management functions, including rules and fields. This account login is best used by IT, or anyone who might be responsible for adding or removing employees from your Xink database. Access to people, but no access to signatures!

Role-based Login Xink


With role-based login, we give you flexibility in terms of how you use our platform. Most importantly, one or two people don’t have the shoulder burden of managing your company’s various email signatures, email signature marketing campaigns, and employees. The responsibility can be spread out across multiple people. Each user can specialize and oversee a particular task or field. Best of all, these people’s privileges don’t overlap, which means that nobody will be stepping on another’s toes.

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Xink: Make It Yours

At Xink, we make it easy for employees to change certain elements of their email signature – as long as an administrator grants them this permission. However, with our role-based login and multi-tiered administrator accounts, we take things one step further. Essentially, Xink is structured in such a way that different department heads can have different access permissions. Xink allows them to focus on those features and functions that matter to them most – and nothing else.

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