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Google Workspace Signature Management

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Email Signature Management

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Set-up Google Workspace Signature Easily

We designed the web portal to allow IT to hand off administration to marketing/communications dept. (No workload in IT). We did this by creating a browser-based user-friendly web portal with role-based login capability. 

Intuitive management portal

Updates across mobile devices

Integrates with Google Workspace (G Suite)

Integrates with Google Directory

No rerouting of company emails - no risk!

ISO 27001 environment

Email Signature Generator
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Enforce Google Workspace Signature Management Across Devices

Make sure that employees leave a professional and consistent impression in every email they send.
No end-user interaction.

Seamless Integration to google directory

It’s incredibly easy to pull employee data from Google Directory and add, remove, update, and manage employee email signatures across the organization. Upload your designs or use our built-in designer.

Integration with Google Directory

Your Data is Secure!

No re-routing of your company emails > No Risk!

Safely hosted in the Public Cloud.
Secure ISO 27001 environment.
Fully GDPR compliant.

Gmail email signature data secure
Role-based login capability

Put the keys in the right Hands with Role-based login

The role-based login is a highly valued feature among our customers. With role-based permissions, administrators can delegate responsibilities to named employees, who are then able to update signatures, create signature campaigns, and segment email signatures.

Gmail email signature
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Google Workspace Email Signature

Put Your Google Workspace signature to work

Your professional email signature is a great channel for segmented marketing campaigns! Use it to promote social media profiles, share news about products and services, or highlight events and awards.

For maximum results, schedule campaigns ahead of time, target recipients by geolocation, and segment by specific groups and user preferences. The built-in analytics will give you the hard facts on clicks, conversions, traffic sources, and more.

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