Has your business completed every tip out there and you still find that your social media presence isn’t what it should be? Here’s one thing that you might have overlooked – the email signature.

Yes, the humble email signature, that space at the bottom of every email that you send.

Drive Traffic to Your Social Media Platforms

Companies send hundreds, even thousands, of emails every day, from desktops and mobile devices; does your company’s email signature include social media links on each and every message that’s sent out? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to effectively market your brand.

The power of the humble email signature is something that businesses are slowly starting to realize, but many still overlook it. Think of it this way: the people reading your emails are already online, so your email signature is the perfect place to drive traffic to your social media sites. It can be hugely effective if done correctly. If your company hasn’t yet instituted such a policy, it’s time for you to rethink your strategy.

Why Include Social Media Links to grow your Social Media Presence?

A huge segment of the world is active on social media; suffice to say, the chances are good that at least a portion of your target market uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn on a regular basis. By including links in your company email signature, you’re showing colleagues, business associates and clients alike that your company maintains a presence in the world of social media – in simpler terms, you’re showing them that your company is accessible.

Social media provides the recipient with an easy way to find out more about your company, and a place to continue their relationship outside of emails and phone calls.

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How to Do It

  1. Text links – They may not be as visually appealing to the reader, but you can trust that text links will always appear the same, no matter the recipient’s browser or email provider. When using text links, make them stand out by using bold formatting, or perhaps a different color – and always underline the link. These steps will help ensure that the reader both sees and understands that the applicable text is a link.

For best results, you should also ensure that the alignment of the links looks the same on mobile devices as well. In many cases, links will appear differently on smartphones and tablets. Do some testing before finalizing anything, and this will help you maintain consistency across devices. The last thing you want is for your company email signatures to be formatted incorrectly.

  1. Image links – Image links are a lot more effective than text links – they are more conspicuous and look more professional – but implementing them can be difficult. In fact, if you want to include them on mobile emails, it will require email signature software. Xink’s email signature management software makes it easy to include image links in your signature, and guarantees compatibility across browsers, email providers, and devices.

Banner Advertisements

Once you have a basic email signature set up, consider including some advertisement blocks at the bottom. This is a great way to promote a specific social media page. For example, promote your LinkedIn page one month and your Twitter page the next. These images can be much bigger than the typical social media icon, but be careful not to make them too big, as you want to accommodate for mobile devices as well. Remember, 300px is the recommended max-width for an image.

What NOT to Do

Don’t overload your signature with icons and links for 10 different social media platforms. Instead, focus on up to 3 that will be of the most interest to the people you email regularly. The key to increasing your social media presence via your email signature is to not overdo it. Make your social media presence in your email signatures distinct and elegant.

Placing large icons is also something to avoid; not only will they change the way that your emails appear on mobile devices, but they will also make your company look unprofessional. Keep your email signatures clean and simple, and focus on only the most important social platforms, and you’ll be taking a step in the right direction.

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