How do I optimize an iPhone email signature?

How do I optimize an iPhone email signature?

If you want to optimize your email signature for America’s favorite phone, there are a few steps you have to follow to make sure it looks good on all versions of the iPhone. When you say that you want to optimize for iPhone, what does it mean exactly? And which phone is it that you want to optimize for? Do you want it to work on an iPad or Mac too? It’s difficult because the iPhone comes in different shapes and sizes which you can see in this illustration:

iPhone Email SignatureiPhone sizes and screen widths

So which iPhone do you want to optimize for? iPhone 6s Plus or an older version? Do you in fact know your recipients so well so you know what to optimize for?

6 Rules for great iPhone email signatures

You could also call this 6 Rules for great email signatures because an email signature doesn’t work at all if it can’t work from one mobile device to the next.
  1. Don’t let your email signature get too wide. Keep it 320 pixels or less.
  2. Go for a Portrait style rather than Landscape, as we read our phones in Portrait style, meaning our signature needs to be tall but narrow.
  3. Always optimize the HTML in the signature so it will adjust to the most common screen sizes. Be sure to focus on keeping it simple and test it out on as many devices as possible.
  4. Don’t try to cram too much information in by making the font smaller. iPhone will only readjust to a Size 10 font anyway, so for all mobile email signatures, stick with 10.
  5. Speaking of fonts, make sure that you have a back-up font that works for iPhones. Helvetica is usually the safest bet for Apple products.
  6. Always cut any images you include to the correct size and format. Do not attempt to scale images in email signatures.

Why does my email signature work on iPhone then not?

Unfortunately we’ve noticed a frustratingly impossible error where you send an email to an iPhone and then if someone responds via Outlook, the images disappear. Unfortunately we have no real solution to this – we just have to wait for Apple to make the built-in email app better… Still need help designing a beautiful, flexible email signature for iPhone users? Remember, when you sign up for Xink we will happily convert your first email signature design to HTML.

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