The email signature is an often overlooked marketing channel, yet a highly effective and low-cost way to generate leads. With the amount of emails sent from your organization every day, the email signature represents valuable real estate for marketing, sales, and promotional efforts. Use your company email signature to generate leads by linking to new products, case studies, blog posts etc. 

So how do you get started creating email signatures that will result in actionable, valuable leads for your organization? What is it that you want to promote? Do you want recipients to read your Blog? Are you hosting a webinar or trade event in the near future? Would you like to increase sales by way of a promotion, discount, or up-sell? The specifics will depend on a number of factors. Discuss with your sales team what it is they’re looking for in a lead; this will help you tailor your strategy. But generally speaking, these tactics can help you generate leads through email signatures.

Leads in email signatures

Use the space underneath your contact details to promote your business and generate leads!

Promote Your Brand

As we discussed in a previous post – 5 Things Every CMO Needs to Know about Email Signatures – your corporate email signature is a powerful marketing tool. In many cases, developing a relationship with a customer or potential customer starts on the ground floor: promoting your brand through various channels in order to build brand awareness. Top-of-mind awareness is incredibly important in this day and age, as consumers are inundated with choice. If you offer a service or product that is offered elsewhere (and the odds are good that you do), why should or would your customer (or potential customer) choose your business over a competitor? Often, it’s for as simple a reason as brand awareness. It’s simply easier to go with the known than the unknown.

Email-Signature-Marketing-LeadsBranding efforts in your corporate email signature help towards this end. Most if not all of your recipients will already be accustomed to receiving emails from you and your team. The email correspondence is much more personal and trustworthy than mainstream email marketing. That’s why your everyday emails can get you valuable leads from your most important peers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is at the heart of any brand-building strategy. Only through consistent messaging can a company develop a brand that is capable of penetrating a market. Think Coca-Cola and Apple. With your corporate email signature, you can expose hundreds, if not thousands, of people to your branding elements – logos, tag lines, corporate colors, etc. – daily.


With an email signature management platform like Xink, you can enforce branding standards while promoting flexibility for individual departments or employees, allowing them to use this space for their own purposes. In the end, however, everyone viewing an email originating from your organization is seeing your branding elements. And that is the key to building brand awareness – which is a critical factor in any customer’s purchasing decision. 


Spread Your Message Far and Wide

Do you have a marketing assets that you would like to share with your customers? Add it to your email signature! Your corporate email signature is a marketing channel, no different than display ads or video ads. Nearly anything that can be promoted through other channels can be promoted through your email signature. And because email is essentially “free” (compared to paid advertising, like PPC), any conversions that you generate through this channel will be low cost, high value. In terms of ROI, it’s hard to beat the email signature as a marketing channel, simply because your investment is so low. Knowing that, use your email signature to spread your message far and wide! Marketing is all about exposure, after all.

Test, Measure, and Test Again

Xink provides invaluable metrics to test and measure the effectiveness of your email signature marketing campaigns.

Email signature marketing dashboard with Xink Campaign

These include:

  • Tracking
  • Geo Tracking
  • Click-throughs
  • Click-through Rate
  • Opens
  • Views
  • Client Data

Use this information to continuously optimize your marketing efforts and generate leads through email signatures. Consider A/B testing for both content and imagery, for example, in order to fine-tune your messaging. Or consider looking into audience metrics in order to determine which audiences are most receptive to your messaging; you can then double-down on your efforts with this group. Again, Xink turns your email signature into a fully realized digital marketing channel. Approach it in the same way you would with other marketing efforts to drive sales and traffic. 

Take a closer look at our comprehensive 3 step basics of email signature marketing, too!


Wait for the Leads to Roll In

As we’ve said in the past, your email signature represents a valuable piece of marketing real estate. One that can provide high-margin, low-cost returns if properly managed. Use your corporate email signature as a marketing channel and you will find that it yields real, measurable results. All you have to do is capture the data it provides and act on the leads it generates.

So get started!