Email signatures represent an affordable and effective way to market to your customers and potential customers. Of course, all marketing efforts must be measured to gauge their success. This is where Xink Campaign Analytics comes in. Even more specifically, Xink’s marketing dashboard. Let’s explore this powerful marketing tool a bit more below.

What Insights Does the Marketing Dashboard Provide?

Marketing Dashboard, Xink Screenshots

Marketing Dashboard, Xink Screenshots

Our marketing dashboard is designed to provide you with invaluable data that can be leveraged to modify and improve your email signature marketing initiatives. To give you the information that you need to quantify (and qualify) your efforts, we provide detailed insights on the following metrics.

Campaign Click-Throughs

  • Active Campaigns: This metric shows the number of campaigns that you have running, enabling you to keep track of all of your efforts at a glance.
  • Click-Throughs (CT): The total number of times your campaign has been clicked on during a given period of time. A click-through is considered any time someone is sent to your website or resource via an embedded email link.
  • Opens: The total number of times the campaign has been viewed. Note that Forwards and Replies are also tracked.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Your CTR is determined by dividing the total number of clicks by the volume of Opens. In other words, of the number of people who opened your email, how many engaged with the messaging to arrive at your site or resource? A 5% CTR is excellent. Anything below 1% calls for improvement. Consider revising your campaign messaging, your Call To Action, or your imagery.

Email Signature Updates

  • Employees: The total number of employees under your Account.
  • Active Employees: The number of the employees who have updated their signature at least once via Xink.
  • Signatures: The total number of email signatures under your Account.
  • Last Day’s Update: The total number of employee signatures updated in the last day (in all environments/email clients).

Email Statistics

Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard

With Xink’s email statistics*, you can gain invaluable insight on what email clients your customers are using to view your email messages. This information can help you optimize your Xink Campaigns, ensure that your email messages are visible in the email providers your recipients are actually using, and enable you to improve your email communication generally. For example…

  • If 15% of clients view emails primarily on mobile devices, you may decide to design primarily for desktop users.
  • If 65% of clients view emails primarily on mobile devices, you should design your campaigns to be mobile-friendly (320px width).

*This feature is only available with Xink Campaign.

Below the graphs outlining popular email clients and operating systems, you can see what your top performing email campaigns are, and which employees garner the most opens. This can help you narrow down noteworthy leads for further marketing efforts.

Disregard Internal Traffic

It goes without saying that your company sends emails internally. To exclude internal emails from your results, simply filter by IP address. Xink allows you to do this, so that you can focus purely on those emails being sent to (and opened by) your target audience. To do this, simply follow the steps below under your Settings.

Preferences > General > IP Exclusion

Your Marketing Dashboard is a Powerful Tool…

So use it!

Marketing efforts without supporting data are nothing more than shots in the dark. Don’t make that mistake. Leverage real-time insights to constantly refine and improve your marketing initiatives. With our marketing dashboard, you can increase Opens, Click-Throughs, and your overall Click-Through Rate, and in the process, drive sales and lead generation. And all you have to do is include branded email signatures in all of your outbound messages. How easy is that? Well, with Xink, the answer is very easy.

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