The mobile solution for Office 365 signatures is released: Xink rerouting feature for Office 365!

In fact, Xink Rerouting is a brilliant solution for all mobile devices. It enables mobile users to include the Office 365 signatures, regardless of the device being used to send the email. If you are on the go, don’t have access to a desktop device, or simply conduct most of your business from a smartphone or tablet, Xink Rerouting is for you.

You no longer have to worry that your mobile device email signature lacks key contact information (or primary branding elements, like your corporate logo). Xink Rerouting makes it possible to include all of these elements.

Office 365 Signatures

One of the issues that individuals face when conducting business from a smartphone or tablet is the limitations imposed by their devices. A standard mobile device email signature, for example, often leaves much to be desired, both in terms of messaging and customization. Most are auto-generated and include template language (such as Sent from my iPhone) that is rote and off-brand. Furthermore, many of these email signatures allow little in the way of customization. It may be possible to change the text, but adding links or including images is out of the question or exceedingly difficult. The end result is an email signature that serves no real purpose, other than perhaps serving as advertising for your phone’s maker.

The Solution

To get your mobile device email signature to match your desktop signature, use Xink’s Rerouting service. It’s quick, easy, and foolproof. With Xink Rerouting, your email message is literally rerouted through our secure Cloud environment in Windows Azure. Here, the mobile device email signature is replaced with the email signature of your choice (you can store multiple email signatures with Xink, allowing you to easily switch between them as needed). Once replaced, the email is sent back to Office 365 with the correct email signature, and sent on its merry way.

Your own Office 365 account sends the email, not Xink’s server.  The recipient will have no idea that your message was sent from a mobile device; instead, they will see a properly composed email body with your custom mobile device email signature.

Some Final Thoughts

There are some caveats, of course. When using Xink Rerouting, you can’t actually see your custom email signature while composing your email message. Some people care about this sort of thing, some people don’t. Rest assured, we would include it if we could, but we can’t control your mobile email client. What we can do is swap your mobile device email signature for your desktop signature. You don’t have to worry about a thing, in fact – it’s completely automatic.

Where does your Office 365 signatures appear?

That’s a good question. We have been working hard on a solution that will not stack your signatures in the bottom of the emails. We don’t want you to see email signatures piling up in the bottom of the email.

In fact you can determine all by yourself where to add the signature. We use a placeholder {EMAILSIGNATURE} to know where to insert the signature. So where you add this placeholder, your Office 365 signature will appear. Like illustrated in this Before/After shot:

Signatures for Office 365

Can Rerouting be combined with the Xink app so you can see the Office 365 signatures when composing the Email?

A chart says more than 1000 words. So yes, of course you can combine it. Check out this chart:

Office 365 Signatures

Loathe Your Mobile Device Email Signature No Longer!

Even though you may not be able to see your email signature while composing your email on your mobile, we assure you, the recipient of your message will see your signature! So leverage this space for branding, promotions, marketing, company updates, and more. Xink allows you to create and save multiple custom email signatures, and with Xink Rerouting, you can select any one of them for your mobile device email signature. Best of all, it’s pain-free, automatic, and easy. And did we mention it not only works for Office 365, but for all mobile devices?

Xink’s rerouting feature can easily be used wit our desktop solution where the signature is visible in Outlook on Mac and Windows – and at the same time your recipients can enjoy to see the exact same signature when sent fro a mobile device. It’s brilliant!

Sign up today. There’s so much to explore! Take a look at our 101 do’s and don’ts and see how you can leverage a nice branded email with Office 365 signatures.

Here is more technical information on how to configure the rerouting feature for Office 365.

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