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Our selection of FREE eBooks contains best practice on everything related to email signatures. Leveraging your email signature for marketing initiatives can transform the way that your business, well, conducts business. A small business is likely to send on the order of several hundred email messages per day; a large corporation might send out several thousand emails every hour, depending on the size of its workforce. Over the course of a year, this volume of email can amount to millions of individual messages.

The question is: would you prefer that these email messages be branded consistently and uniformly, or not? Would you prefer these email messages carry with them marketing messages or not? The answers to these questions seem clear (well, at least to us!).

Our Free eBooks Have the Answers

To help you get the most out of your email signature marketing campaigns, we have written several free eBooks on the subject matter. As experts in email signature marketing, we believe strongly in the potential of the branded email signature.

Our selection of free eBooks include:


Professional Email Signature Management

Here’s a question for you: how do you currently ensure that everyone in your department, organization, or company is sending uniform and consistent branded email messages? That is ultimately the challenge of email signature marketing; actually managing your marketing initiatives across groups and departments. In this eBook, you will find the answers you’re seeking regarding the issues of management.

Email Signature Management eBook

Get ROI with Email Signature Marketing

Did you know that email signature marketing is a more effective means of reaching your audience than social media or Google Ads? In this eBook, we give you the information and tools needed to properly leverage your email signature and turn it into a valuable marketing channel.

Email Signature Marketing eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature Design

A poorly designed email signature can torpedo your marketing initiatives. Learn common mistakes, what fonts and font sizes you should use, how best to include logos and links, and more. Your email signature represents you and your company – make a good first impression.

Email Signature Design eBook

Consistent Branding in Your Email Signatures

The email signature is not only your most frequent place to promote your brand. It is probably also the cheapest place with the least time commitment (when automated and regulated correctly). So make sure your brand is consistent across devices and platforms.

Email Signature Branding eBook
Email Signature Analytics and its Role in the Metrics-Driven Marketing World

Marketing without data is like playing a game of darts while blindfolded: ill-advised and not likely to be successful. The Xink platform provides you and your team with invaluable analytics data so that you can make informed decisions regarding your marketing campaigns. This eBook tells you where to start! Yes, our free eBooks are your friends.

Email Signature Analytics eBook
Office 365 and Xink

Take a closer look at the unique offering that Xink provides Office 365 customers. When it comes to email signature management, there is perhaps no better application for this purpose than Xink. Let’s dive into the details!

Office 365 and Xink eBook

Brand Consistency Through Email Signature