Outlook Email Signatures

Outlook Signature for Both Windows and Apple

For years now, Xink email signature app has been making your Outlook signature and your Office 365 signature shine. Now, Xink for Outlook Signature is available with Outlook 2016, for both Windows and Mac.

What is an email signature generator?

Xink is an online email signature generator that lets you update and maintain company-wide and department-specific email signature design and format from anywhere. Its email signature templates are an easy way to for you to authorize anyone on your team to make sure your email signature format is consistent and professional, saving you time and saving you face! Plus, with Xink, you can run email marketing campaigns right in your email footer.

Xink is the perfect complement to your Outlook email

  • Compatible with Outlook on Windows and Apple
  • Compatible with Outlook Web App (OWA for Office 365)
  • Compatible with mobile devices (Office 365)
  • No installation on servers
  • Complete browser-based admin panel with authorization

Create Campaigns for Your Email Signatures

Xink for Outlook signature is tailored to work with Microsoft’s all-new Outlook 2016, but also works with all other Outlook versions. With Xink’s email signature campaign functionality, you can utilize Outlook 2016 to promote new products and services, offer coupons and deals, announce and distribute company news and awards, and drive traffic to your blog.

Our Outlook signature for Mac feature adds push mail support, which means new inbound messages and calendar invites appear more rapidly in a user’s inbox. This, combined with Xink’s capacity for scheduled and targeted campaigns designed to help drive traffic to your business, means you can react faster and be more responsive to your contacts.

Enhance your email marketing campaigns with email signature in Outlook

Schedule campaigns according to your marketing plan

Target specific recipients and conduct A/B testing of campaigns

Native analytics help determine which campaigns are most successful

Totally free for 14 days! Create, deploy and
manage email signature Outlook for Windows or Mac.

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Keep a consistent Outlook signature as you compose your email

  • Use Xink email signature campaigns in all Outlook signatures
  • See email signatures while composing emails
  • Completely transparent to the users – no action required
  • Outlook signatures are set automatically by use of the Xink Outlook App for Windows and Mac
  • Logos and graphics are fully supported
  • Add optional Outlook signatures (available by signature right-click)
  • Make sure your email signature looks great across company
  • Completely flexible rule based deployment of Outlook signatures
  • And make sure it looks good sent from smartphone, iPod, or desktop

Get started today! Take charge of your Outlook email
signatures for Windows or Mac with Xink!

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What We’ll Cover in Our Demo

  • Creating Company Signatures
  • How To Share Signatures
  • Running Signature Campaigns
  • Tracking Results And ROI
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan

Every Xink Trial Includes...

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Signature Templates
  • Xink Campaign
  • Unlimited Email Tech Support
  • No Credit Card Required!
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan