The Xink Partner Network can help you gain and retain customers. You’ve got the clients, and we have the resources to help them get started acc. to best practices within 45 min. We have built a network of resellers all over the world over many years. Experienced partners who have helped their customers get a unified brand in all their email communications on all devices and all platforms.

The usual profile of a Xink partner is an IT infrastructure company that helps clients with infrastructure needs, Office 365, G Suite and traditional infrastructure assignments such as software implementation, consultancy, etc.

Benefits of being a Xink Partner

Unlike many others, we do not like to put labels on our partners. You have the same partner level if you have one client or if you have hundreds of clients. The difference is that a partner automatically earns more money as the level of clients, and hence, the number of users increases.

As part of the Xink Partner Network, you get a reseller login where you manage all clients. You don’t spend any time as you can use our support resources.

The lead assignment is a natural part of developing a partnership as well as we gladly take care of our partners’ leads. Being a Xink Partner is a true partnership rather than just being a reseller. We all want to make a difference to our clients.

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