Apple Mail email signatures supported on Mac OS ‘El Capitan’ with Xink

And you can even see the email signature while you’re composing the email.  No rerouting!

Yet another cool announcement from Xink – we have updated our Mac app to support Apple Mail email signatures also!

You only need to be running the latest Mac OS ‘El Capitan’ for it to Work. Apparently the Apple Mail email signatures have been improved on ‘El Capitan’, so we are thrilled about this announcement.

Now you will see this when you click ‘new e-mail’ in Apple Mail – with your cool Apple Mail email signature!

Apple Mail email signature

How does it Work?

All you need to do is to update the existing Xink Mac app. The new version is already available via Xink Admin. It is also available via the link to the app install you get in the invitation email from your administrator.

We have added Apple Mail as an optional email app to support. So now you have these options:

Apple Mail email signatures

Whenever there is an update to your email signature from Xink you will get a notification. You you can choose to update the email signatures accordingly.

Apple Mail email signature

The Apple Mail email signatures will be available under “All Signatures”. Depending how many email accounts you have, you can drag’n’drop the email signatures to the accounts where you need them. Remember that is your administrator has chosen “Delete all existing email signatures” in Xink. You will have to start from scratch with the signatures you’re using for the different accounts.

Apple Mail email signatures

Once the Apple Mail email signatures are updated, you can see them when composing a new email even with your updated information and campaigns below them.

How about the logos?

Yeah what about the logos? They are of course there also!

No email signature is complete without the logos, so logos are fully supported in your Apple Mail email signatures.

Once you compose your email you will see your full email signature with logos. A small tip is, that you cannot see the logos in the Apple Mail Preferences tab while choosing the signatures. So this is the intended behavior in Apple Mail, and not because “it doesn’t Work”… Still room for improvement for Apple here!

Get more installation tips in our Helpdesk.

Enjoy your Apple Mail email signatures and being able to Work professionally with Apple Mail also with standardized email signatures on the native email app for Mac.