Xink Launches Dynamic In-depth Email Client Statistics

How often have you asked yourself these questions:

Maybe the answer is often and maybe it’s never. Regardless of how much thought you put into this, until now, you have only been able to rely on general statistics from email campaign companies, along with what you can find online.

With Xink, you can now get this insight for your company emails specifically!
Don’t just be a number in the statistics; form your own statistics now. You no longer have to guess who is viewing your email messages, or from which platforms. Xink provides the information you’re seeking!

Let me explain how it works.

Here’s an example of email client statistics

email-client statistics
Check this out. This is from a customer who has run email client statistics in just 1 day. It is a Microsoft partner, so we would expect a very high open and view from Microsoft OS and email clients – and we were right! A very insignificant part of the email clients used to open the emails was a Microsoft based product, and we can even see that it was mostly opened on Windows 8 and using Outlook 2013.

Another example of email client statistics


This example shows a completely different story. Briefly, the majority of emails was opened on iOS 8. This difference between the two customers is absolutely striking and it tells something about that if you optimize against iPhone only, you might not always get the the result you want if all your email readers are on another platform.

We will write much much more about this and about how to draw your conclusions for your email signature design based on your true email client statistics. Just saying “mobile first” may in fact not be your target strategy.

How to Get Your Very Own Email Client Statistics

Xink is cloud-based email signature management software that enables centralized management, creation, and distribution of customized email signatures for branding and marketing initiatives. In addition to providing users with the ability to create and send email signatures, we have expanded our offering by adding email client statistics. Why? So you can make wise and informed decisions regarding your email signature design. Never design or publish an email signature again based purely on hunch or intuition! Design them wisely based on your email client statistics, which you collect easily with Xink.

With Xink’s email client statistics functionality, we are able to keep detailed insights on any and all data that may be relevant to marketers, including:

  1. Openings
  2. Click-through rate
  3. Types of user devices (mobile or desktop)
  4. Types of user email providers (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc. (in brief “email client statistics”)), and
  5. Other key indicators.

With this information, you can design your email signatures intelligently, and with a specific purpose in mind. If you discover that most of your users are on mobile, your email signatures should be designed around this consideration. The key here is that with data, you no longer have to guess – just see the two extreme examples above.

Open Your Eyes to the Real World

A common question asked by many of our customers is, “Should I adopt a mobile-first strategy for my company emails?”

This question is very relevant in today’s Internet environment, but the conclusion may not be so obvious. You must determine the answers to the following questions before you can make any sort of decision:

If the former describes the recipients on your mailing list, then you should take steps to ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. However, if your email recipients are mostly corporate clients, you may not need to care too much about how your emails look on mobile.

With Xink, you can get the email client statistics you need, quickly and easily, to draw your own conclusions. This feature is available for Xink Campaign customers and during trial.