Xink Release: Email Signature Campaign Rules and a No-nonsense Editor

Campaign rules continue to be a successful way to run different email marketing campaigns across different departments. Here’s what a Campaign Rule can look like:

If Division = “Sales New York” then add signature campaign “New York Promotion” in December on all email signatures in “New York”

Now, this works absolutely fine, but a lot of clients have wanted to narrow the target audience down by adding an extra condition to the campaign rules in order to target an even narrower target group. We’ve launched that today!

Let me give you an example campaign rule with an extra condition:

If Division = “Sales New York” and City is not “New York City” then add signature campaign “New York Promotion” in December on all email signatures in “New York”

In this example, the client wants to create campaign rules for New York City specifically. All other cities in the state of New York must still have this campaign added.

This way you can precisely target campaign rules in order to add the campaign to all users in the state of New York but not in New York City — they will have another campaign added. Our rules editor not only allows for If/Then scenarios, but If/And/Then scenarios as well.

Campaign Rules

No-nonsense Editor

Some of you have been asking for an email signature editor that does not validate anything.

Our editor has so far been validating the html you have entered. This can be annoying when you are adding complex design to your email signatures and using dynamic tables to display conditional content.

To prevent the editor from changing and validating your code, we have now given you the option to select a simple editor. Put simply, this new plain editor will not change and validate your code. This can be enabled and disabled in ‘preferences’ as so many other things.

This is how simple your html can look:

Campaign Rules Editor

This is how it looks when editing the same signature in html WYSIWYG editor:

Campaign Rules html editor

These new features are available already – sign up for a free trial or log in now to try our new campaign rules.