Over the years we have produced a lot of email signature infographics here at Xink.

It was (and is) a simple yet funny way to show a feature, process or the idea behind various feature in Xink. Now we don’t use infographics so much anymore and you all ask for videos and other ways to have Xink explained in an easily understandable way.

In this post, we show you some of the ones that we believe are the more funny email signature infographics we’ve made. We will also tell you a bit about the story behind why we made them. And especially the thought that led to why they ended up with often some funny elements (at least we think they’re funny:-))!

Let’s start with…


1. The Email Signature Factory

The idea behind this one was to show in a simple way what happens when an email signature is created with Xink. The email signature is manufactured in the Xink “machine” with all the information and branded content wanted.

Email signature infographics - The Email Signature Factory

We see Xink as an email signature factory. In reality, we mix email signature templates with employee information, logos and brand information and some marketing information if you wish. Out comes the email signatures for all employees with their own information merged – just ready to send. In this email signature infographic, we just wanted to show you the essence of Xink not considering any technicalities like email platform, systems used and so forth. No matter how your email platform is set up this is the core of what Xink does.

We spent some time coming up with the names ‘Belinda and Bob’ and we spent quite some time with their clothing as well! When this email signature infographic was released in 2014 it was ok to show their characters as man and woman. If we were to make this infographic today we would probably have to tone down their appearance 🙂


2. The Email Signature Ladder

This infographic shows the different “shop options” we have in Xink. Are you a G Suite user, you go to the G Suite shelf. A Xink employee is there ready to help you! The same of course goes for Office 365 users, and if you want to explore Integrations & Apps with Xink. The Signature Design shelf is for customers who want to design their email signature with the Xink Email Signature Generator or use some of the built-in designs. And of course to get inspired, too!

The Email Signature Ladder Infographic


We made this infographic when we just released our integration with G Suite. The idea was that we wanted to show that we have something for everybody no matter what email platform you are using. Hence we chose to show this as shelves with the analogy “just pick your Xink feature set from any of the shelves”. We also wanted to illustrate that email signature design as such is completely independent of setting up the actual integration to e.g. Office 365. So you could move around the ladder and pick up the items from each shelf that you need to make your email signature manage complete.


3. How does Xink work?

Here comes a bit more serious one;-) This email signature infographic basically shows what you can use Xink for. It contains the highlights of the Xink platform, such as the ability to upload email signature designs and use Xink to manage everything centrally. Brand consistency is important when you want to control how your email signatures look, across devices and platforms. The other main service is to create, control and distribute marketing campaigns via the email signatures, and be able to track everything with the in-built analytics tool.

How does Xink work Infographic


4. Xink Design Service

Well… This one is a bit on the alternative side. The purpose behind this email signature infographic was to show that with Xink you have the sun and beautiful weather and everything is nice. And without Xink you have constant rain and nothing really goes your way. We had good feedback for this one but it is for sure on the more alternative side. So we wanted to draw parallels to a ‘backseat driver’ in the rainy part of the infographic.


5. The Xink users – where are they?

The final one I wanted to show is the “where are Xink users?” We wanted to show that in any situation you are in, whatever you are doing and where ever you are, you need Xink! Even on a cruise ship while commuting or on a boring date! You cannot live without Xink because you send emails is all these situations 🙂


6. But We speak all email signature languages!

As you can probably see, we like to mix the technical infographics with some lighter ones with a touch of humor. Email signature management can sometimes appear a bit difficult to deal with, especially for those without a technical background. We hope that these email signature infographics by Xink will be useful. But don’t despair if you don’t understand everything. We are here to help explain everything, in plain terms or in detailed, technical words. As you prefer!