Increase followers on Social media.. Have you ever thought on how to achieve this via your email signatures? Are you still looking to broaden your audience and expand your reach? Here’s one that you might have overlooked – your email signature.

Example of how to include social media icons in a professional email signature. In this example, they have a prominent position just below the employee title.

With Xink, you can put social media icons right in your email signature, with links. This allows you to increase your social media followers without increasing your email attachments.

Looking to Increase Followers on Social Media?

Companies send hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of emails every day, from desktops and mobile devices – does your company’s email signature include social media links each and every time? If not, now is probably a good time to ask yourself “Why not?”

Remember, the people reading your emails are already online. Your email signature is the perfect place to attract followers to your company’s social media accounts! And enforcing branding consistency throughout your company is also a great way to make sure that your employees aren’t just promoting their own social media profiles.

To put it simply, if you are looking to increase followers on social media, you need to spread the message far and wide. Still need more convincing? Read further!

Why Include Social Media Links in Your Email Signature?

The answer is simple. It gives your clients (and potential clients) one more avenue to find out more about you or your company. And social media is also a great place to continue your client relationship outside of emails and phone calls. Combine the importance of social media with the prevalence of email communication, and it just makes sense to pair the two. If you are already sending emails out on a daily basis, why not include a signature with social links embedded? You want to increase followers, right? Well, the solution is obvious!

Adding Social Media Links to Your Email Signature

With Xink, you can not only include links but icons or images as well. Everyone likes pictures, so we highly recommend you take advantage of this capability. Here are two ways you can increase followers using Xink.

1. Social Media Icons

Social media icons are effective because we already associate them with different social media platforms. We are hard-wired to click on those little birds and letter icons. But to include them at the end of your mobile emails, you’ll need an email signature software like Xink, so they don’t show up as ugly attachments or broken Red X images. To add social icons to your email signature, we first recommend that you download the icons directly to your computer.

2. Text links

Text links are not quite as visually appealing to the reader, but they do have an advantage. You can trust that they will always appear the same, regardless of the email provider, browser, or device. When using text links, make them stand out by making them bold – or perhaps use a different color and leave the link underlined. Your email recipients will immediately recognize this as a link.

Want to Make One Account Stand Out?

Consider scheduling banner blocks for your social media accounts. This is a great way to promote a specific social media page. For example, promote your LinkedIn page one week and your Twitter page the next. You can also use this to promote a specific social media campaign, post, or hashtag. Xink gives you flexibility when it comes to your email signature. These images can be a lot bigger than the typical social media icon, but be careful not to make them too big – 320px is the recommended max-width for mobile compatibility.

What NOT to Do

Don’t overload your signature! If your company uses 10 different social media outlets, focus on the top three. Think about which outlets are most likely to interest the people you email. The key to increasing your following via your email signature is to not overdo it.

Placing large icons is also best avoided. Not only will large icons change the way that your emails appear on mobile devices, but they will also make your email look unprofessional. When it comes to including social icons in your email signature, keep it simple, keep it small, and keep it focused. Do so, and you could find that you increase followers quickly, easily, and with little or no effort!

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