Make Email Signatures Conform to Company Policy

You want all staff email signatures to follow your brand guidelines. You also want to make sure that they include the right information according to your company policy, industry, location, etc. Every time, also on mobile devices. What can you do?   Take the Task Away From Your Employees Your company may have an email […]

Email Compliance is a Breeze… with the Right Tools

Email compliance is important for a number of reasons. Perhaps most importantly, because your industry or profession may be regulated or governed by laws and regulations which your company is required to adhere to. If you fall afoul of these regulations or fail to comply in some manner, you could potentially leave yourself or your […]

How Are Law Firms Tackling Email Signature Compliance?

We’ve had literally hundreds of conversations with law firms over the last few months. What we’re finding is that too often, law firms under-invest in ensuring email signature compliance and brand consistency of their staff email signatures. Examples included!