Timed Marketing Content

In this fourth post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we take a look at timed marketing content in signatures. This is a great feature when you plan your marketing year. You can schedule marketing banners for selected employees well in advance (a year, several months, three weeks, four days…) of an event, a […]

Five Simple Tips to Create Happy Holidays Email Signature

A happy holidays email signature is an excellent opportunity for your company to market itself and its products. It can increase your brand consistency, promote your latest content, and can widen your social media reach if used well. It can also increase the ROI of your crucial marketing campaigns. Post written by guest blogger Daniela McVicker.    […]

Product Review Link in Email Signature

Reviews can do wonders for your business. They can help build your reputation, boost credibility, and they can also help improve your SEO! So why not ask for a review in the email signature? Include a product review link, a Google My Business (GMB) review link, or a review platform of your choice. It’s a […]

Email Signature Survey for Customer Satisfaction

Ratings and surveys are important tools for businesses to get customer feedback. But what is a good way to reach out without being a pain? There is a great and simple way to get quick feedback from customers, and it’s very straightforward. Let the everyday emails help generate it for you by including a customer […]

How to Use Email Signatures as an Engaging Marketing Channel

Xink’s email signature marketing platform gives you limitless ways of how to use the email signature space as an engaging marketing channel. You can inspire your audience with news about your company. Tell the world about your latest awards or accreditations. Invite your clients to review your company. Or bring attention to your expert blog posts. The […]

Easy Holiday Greetings in Every Employee Email

The Holiday season is always a busy time of year with all its preparations and to-do’s in order to get ready for the parties, shows, shopping, time with the loved ones, New Year’s celebrations and all that follows! And in this haze of bling and cheering and stress you also have to remember to send […]

Black Friday – Use Your Email Signature to Increase Sales!

Black Friday is just around the corner! This traditional American shopping day after Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest shopping events in many countries today – especially because it really kickstarts the Holiday season.   A cost-effective way to get more traffic Thousands of companies are preparing for their special holiday offers right now. Did […]

Why Choose Xink? Part Six: Signature Campaigns

To properly leverage email signatures for marketing purposes, it is important that you approach the process with specific goals in mind. Ask yourself: What is it that you want to promote or advertise? Once you have determined your strategy, Xink is there to help. With a number of email marketing campaign services rolled into our […]

Moving from Xink Brand to Xink Campaign – What Are the Benefits?

Find the Email Signature Software Right for Your Business When it comes to email signature software, it can be difficult to decide what features and functionalities are required to meet the needs of your organization. And that is because for many marketing departments and business owners, purchasing email signature software is often a one-time occurrence; […]

Xink Release: Email Signature Campaign Rules and a No-nonsense Editor

Xink Release: Email Signature Campaign Rules and a No-nonsense Editor Campaign rules continue to be a successful way to run different email marketing campaigns across different departments. Here’s what a Campaign Rule can look like: If Division = “Sales New York” then add signature campaign “New York Promotion” in December on all email signatures in “New York” Now, this works […]