What is Email Signature Marketing?

Do your company email signatures (still!) only include employee contact details and a logo? Then perhaps it’s time to start exploring the marketing opportunities of email signatures! But what is email signature marketing exactly? Basically, it is a marketing campaign, or “banner”, if you will, you add to the email signature below the contact details. […]

Black Friday – Use Your Email Signature to Increase Sales!

Black Friday is just around the corner! This traditional American shopping day after Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest shopping events in many countries today – especially because it really kickstarts the Holiday season.   A cost-effective way to get more traffic Thousands of companies are preparing for their special holiday offers right now. Did […]

Best Professional Email Signature Examples

The email signature space is becoming a more and more attractive platform to highlight your company brand, share news about events and awards – and even seasonal promotions – and, of course, share contact details and photos of the employee sending the email. We’ve collected some of the best professional email signature examples from our […]

What Might Our Politicians’ Email Signatures Look Like?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they represent themselves in public. Social media posts, the way they dress, how outspoken they are, and of particular interest to us, what they include in their email signature – all can be telling indicators of a person’s personality and beliefs. Which got us thinking: […]

Add Some Personality to Your Gmail Email Signatures!

As a business owner, project manager, or industry professional, you probably feel confined when it comes to what you include in your email signature. In fact, it’s become commonplace for all email signatures to follow something of the same formula: name, email address, website address, and perhaps a phone number and a LinkedIn address. And […]

What’s In Your Email Signature & Why? Some Email Signature Examples

We decided to ask a number of executives from various backgrounds, companies, industries and so forth to see how they’re utilizing one of the most under-leveraged marketing channels available: email signatures. So let’s take a look at some email signature examples from the pro’s.

The BIG Problem with Small Business Email Signatures

The BIG Problem with Small Business Email Signatures I ran across this great this infographic by MyCase Got me thinking about the problem with small business email signatures, or better yet, the opportunity for small business to leverage the power of email signature management.  My rendition is not as graphically compelling, and lacks the statistics (more to […]