8 Reasons to Choose Xink for Email Signature Management

There are many reasons to choose Xink as your email signature management solution. From brand consistency and compliance, all the way to creating a new marketing channel for quality traffic and conversions, there’s tremendous upside to leveraging your company’s most widely used communication method (email) to drive marketing value.

Professional Email Signature Management

You spend a lot of time and resources paying for the design and production of antiquated business cards, letterhead, company stationery. Who sends letters anymore anyway? When it comes down to it, a big part of your branding management shows up in everyone’s inbox. One of the best ways to remind your current clients of […]

Why Choose Xink? Part Two: Centralized Control

With Xink, our goal is to provide you with a platform that makes the creation, distribution, and management of customized, branded email signatures not only feasible, but downright easy. Your email signature represents valuable marketing real estate, and leveraging this marketing space can help you promote a wide range of business interests among a captive […]

Why Opt for Management of Email Signatures by Xink? Xink Benefits

Xink benefits You may be asking yourself why your organization should invest in Xink and what are Xink benefits. The easy answer to “what are Xink benefits”, of course, is that because our Email Signature Management benefits are numerous and proven. With this easily implemented, Cloud-based tool, your business can create, share, and manage email […]

Manage Email Signatures – Onboarding New Employees

Manage Email Signatures – Onboarding New Employees We often hear the question,“How do you onboard new users to Xink?”The answer will vary for each person and organization. Depending on how your existing setup is, and how you plan to maintain the system in the future, there are several ways of doing this. We will discuss […]

Scoping Email Signature Management Project

Scoping email signature projects for a corporate entity Having been at this for some time, we know that there are a number of pitfalls that can occur when setting up an email signature project, and as a result, we have devised steps that can ensure a better experience. Projects can vary in difficulty, from being […]