Timed Marketing Content

In this fourth post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we take a look at timed marketing content in signatures. This is a great feature when you plan your marketing year. You can schedule marketing banners for selected employees well in advance (a year, several months, three weeks, four days…) of an event, a […]

What is Email Signature Marketing?

Do your company email signatures (still!) only include employee contact details and a logo? Then perhaps it’s time to start exploring the marketing opportunities of email signatures! But what is email signature marketing exactly? Basically, it is a marketing campaign, or “banner”, if you will, you add to the email signature below the contact details. […]

Email Signature Analytics

If you can’t measure it, it’s not modern marketing. There’s no doubt, while investment is funneled constantly toward the sales team and often to R&D, marketing departments continue to have to fight for their budgets, needing more and more evidence to give credence to their value.  It used to be that the only number that […]

What is Signature Marketing? Part Three: Getting Practical

In the first two installments of our three-part series on signature marketing, we discussed email signatures branding, as well as how analytics and data can help improve your signature marketing campaigns. These two articles laid the ground work to help you better understand how email signature marketing can benefit your business. In Part Three, we’re […]

What is Signature Marketing? Part Two: Analytics and Data!

In the first installment of our three-part series on signature marketing, we went over the basics. What is signature marketing? How can it help your business generate leads and increase revenue? Why is it important to have consistency across your organization’s email signatures? What are key strategies for getting the most out of signature marketing? […]

What is Signature Marketing? Part One: The Basics!

What is email signature marketing? It’s actually a rather simple concept but one that many people (understandably) mistake for email marketing. The two are not the same, however. Let’s look at the differences before we dive into why your company should be leveraging email signature marketing in its advertising and marketing initiatives. Email Marketing is… […]

Hey Marketers, is email dead?

Hello my fellow marketeers, This is an open letter to say, whether we like it or not, email is not dead. Not even close. According to a 2014 Email Statistics report, each employee sends and receives on average 121 emails a day, and this is expected to grow to 140 emails a day by 2018. […]

Email marketing expert tips to follow in 2016, from the top to the bottom

Today we offer you a list of must-follow email marketing experts on Twitter. And we won’t even do that, we’re going to share with you a glimpse into their awesomeness, offering you their email marketing expert tips so your business can kick ass in 2016! Reuse and Recycle! What should be the first rule of […]

Xink’s Marketing Tool: A Marketing and IT Romance

IT Ain’t Easy, But Someone’s Got to Do It! That is a thought shared by many of the people in information technology. When an entire local area network is up and running, smoothly and without error, you receive little to zero credit. After all, ensuring that things work is simply part of your job description, […]