The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 15 – Email in 2008

Macbooks were getting widely popular in 2008 and also in the business world. This posed some challenges to IT departments on how to maintain Macs securely and in an easy way.   Release of Outlook:mac  This was the year of the release of Office:mac, also called Office 2008. Mac releases often come a year after an […]

Email Apps for Mobile Devices – a Review with “Email Signature” Eyes

Email Apps for Mobile Devices — Review from a Branding Perspective This article has been a lot of fun to write, even if it’s taken quite some time due to the number of tests I’ve run. As part of my research for this post, I have tested all kinds of email apps, on all kinds of different platforms and […]

Mobile First? Or Should it Be “Mobile Also” for your Email Signatures?

Mobile First – or Maybe Not? When it comes to marketing and outreach in today’s digital world, more and more, the motto seems to be “mobile first.” We get it. There are billions of handheld devices around the world, from smartphones to tablets, and increasingly, people are using these devices not just for personal reasons, […]