Why Xink?

Put simply, because it's the easiest way to create, share and manage email signatures, company-wide

What is Xink?

Xink is a comprehensive email signature management and campaign tool that is designed to enable company-wide control over email signatures and email-based marketing initiatives. Easy to implement and use, it is a powerful and intuitive tool that can reap dividends for your business, be it large or small.

No Workload for IT - Marketing Does it All

We have designed Xink with marketers in mind. Not only will you find our email signature management software to be easy to use and incredibly powerful, but we have made it versatile as well. The benefits are many. If you are looking for a tool that enables central management of email signatures and campaigns, look no further.

"At the marketing level, Xink's Email Signature software became our 7th most popular source of website traffic, without any active campaigning on our end. Simply through the adoption and implementation of a consistent voice across our email signatures, we were able to improve brand promotion and traffic volume – all thanks to Xink."Hervé Sébastien Marrinhas – HF Hotéis Fénix

A Breeze for IT

Affordable, robust, powerful, easy to use… what more could you ask for from software? How about easy implementation? Xink is so simple to set up that your IT department can get it done before lunch time. And Xink is versatile too. Our Signature Editor allows both WYSIWYG and code editing, and our Custom Rule Settings allow you to define and assign signatures by geography, groups, departments and more. It is also easy to sync our software with existing email databases, allowing your team to hit the ground running.

"Xink is a great tool to maintain standardized signatures for our users. Now they have their current signatures automatically where ever they login. The signature has links to our web site, bio information and contact information. It has made everyone's life to so much easier. And I rest easier knowing that all users are using signatures formatted the same way with our logo and current disclaimer. Thank you Xink!"Patti Bentley – IT Director at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley

Perfect for Branding

Enforcing brand consistency can be incredibly difficult, particularly as organizations grow. With Xink, maintaining brand consistency in voice, tone, and promotions is made easy. With Xink's email signature software, users are able to centrally manage campaigns embedded in thousands of emails, sent out daily from work forces of varying size. Through these uniform email campaigns, companies can drive traffic and quality conversions, with little to no effort.

"I want to follow up and let you know that your product works absolutely fantastic. I am a very happy customer and will certainly let other business owners know where to turn for a product that works so well. Please feel free to use me as a completely satisfied customer. You went beyond the customary expectations to meet our needs. Thank you very much."Marvin Carter – President, HVAC Masters

Is Xink for Your Business?

Easily implemented, incredibly affordable, robust, powerful, and easy to use… what more could you ask for in software? Brand consistency can be a burden, particularly when it comes to enforcing it across the many thousands of emails that are sent out every single day – but it also represents an opportunity. Xink is here for you to make the most of that opportunity.

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What We’ll Cover in Our Demo

  • Creating Company Signatures
  • How To Share Signatures
  • Running Signature Campaigns
  • Tracking Results And ROI
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan

Every Xink Trial Includes...

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Signature Templates
  • Xink Campaign
  • Unlimited Email Tech Support
  • No Credit Card Required!
"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan