Departmental Email Signatures – Let your departments have their own brand and marketing campaigns!

It is often a wish in larger companies to have each department control their own email signatures. So while it is nice to have all email signatures controlled from one place with Xink, you can also take it one step further. Xink enables not only company-wide control over email signatures but departmental email signatures as well.

In this post, I will explain how to obtain different branding and marketing signatures for different departments within a company. And still using only one signature template! Let me show you how to create and use departmental email signatures.

Departmental Content

So what kind of different content does each department often want? It depends on the nature of the business, as you might expect. To illustrate the concept, I will give an example from a bank.

How A Bank Uses Xink for Departmental Email Signatures

Our example bank has 40 different departments and just wants one signature template to manage. Each department within the bank has its own marketing message in their email signature. This is controlled by ‘marketing’.

Email signature platform - example

They also want to have each user to be able to decide if they want their headshot photo in the signature or not. The employees also want to decide for themselves if they want their mobile number to appear. But most importantly of all, they want to apply the different branding for each department to the email signature, which includes a special department logo and style, all predefined from ‘marketing’.

So what sounds like an impossible task is actually very easy to do with Xink. To visualize this, here are two examples of different departmental signatures which should be the result. Different marketing, different color scheme and one with a picture. But they are still made from the same template. Here is the other one:

Email signature platform - example

So you can see that though the template and branding are the same, the content and style are different. That is the power of Xink.

How to Let Users Decide Their Content

In Xink there is a clever feature that allows each user to make his or her own customizations. Of course, they only customize the information that the administrator has approved. So the actual content is always controlled by the administrator.

For each field you add to the signature in Xink, you can decide if an employee can edit it. For this example, we want to turn the mobile number to be turned on and off so that we add an option for people to use it. When they click the Xink icon they select ‘My contact details’:

Xink tray icon

And when they click on contact details, they see the option to remove the mobile number:

So in this example, you can allow users to remove their mobile number from the signature. They can also change the number if the administrator allows them to do so.

Let us take this one step further. Now we will make it possible to choose another styling option (e.g., for your department colors or a special logo). To do this, the Xink administrator creates a field called “Department” and then add all departments available. The next time the user opens up ‘My contact details,’ she sees this:


Departmental email signatures


So for this part, the employee chooses the signature styling of another department. Of course, her default department appears initially and this styling is automatically selected. But here the administrator allows the user to choose another styling option if desired.

Adding Headshot Picture

Finally, we add the option to include a headshot picture. The users themselves add their own photo or take it from Active Directory. Or the Xink administrator adds it:


Departmental email signatures

The resulting signatures are as shown above. The end result is nicely branded departmental email signatures with proper styling and content the employee herself decides.

Departmental Email Signatures with Unlimited Customization Options

This was just one example of how email signatures can be customized to fit departments. Your administrator can also add options to control:

The great thing about these departmental email signatures is that they follow you around. If you send an email from your mobile with Office 365, they look the same. When you send from Outlook, it looks the same (and you even see the signature as you compose the email). We want Xink to be usable, helpful, and useful!

If you want to know more about how to manage your departmental email signatures, contact us now. Or just sign up to try it for yourself!