59 Great Email campaign Pay-offs for Your Email Signature

Your email signature represents valuable real estate, you already know that. Think about it: if your organization is like most, more people see your company’s email messages on a daily basis than any other piece of marketing material. Unless you’re Coca-Cola or Apple (and if you are, XInk can help your business as well!), you likely don’t have the funds to support billboards, bus advertisements, subway advertisements, television and radio commercials, and mass marketing campaigns. Which means you should be thinking smaller and more focused.

Here are 59 ideas to get you started with email campaigns in your signatures. It is just simple text, not any Graphics or anything fancy. Just something to spice up your everyday email signature even if you don’t have a central control at this stage.


Perhaps the most obvious use of your corporate email signature should be that of a sales tool. Your email signature crosses the desk of dozens, if not hundreds, of people every day. Use this real estate to push your company’s products and services! Selling doesn’t happen by itself. You must be consistent and repetitive, and constantly encourage users to action. Don’t know how to use your email signature? Sell, sell, sell!

“Feed your widget for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.”

Affordable, affordable, affordable… that is what everyone is seeking in a product or service. How can you put your product, service, or “widget” into the hands of more people? By correlating its cost with something that they’re familiar with. If your software costs $20,000, but it will be used by 20,000 employees across an organization (we’re spitballing here), you can use that!

“Call us today at 404-870-9021 and ask about current promotions.”

Newsletters, Blog articles, videos, and Webinars are nice, but sometimes it’s even nicer to speak with an actual human being. If your company has a customer support, IT, or trouble-shooting team, share this knowledge with your customers. You’d be surprised at what type of response you might get. People like talking to other people!

Relax. Reserving an exclusive offer is just a click away.”

So what could a person possibly like more than talking to other people and saving money? Things that are EASY! People like convenience perhaps more than anything else. Make signing up for services, downloading applications, and buying products quick and easy, and people will love you for it. Ease their concerns and make them aware that access to your products or services couldn’t be simpler!

“Learn how we’re helping 1000’s of people enjoy our services .”

One of the easiest ways to sell a product is through testimonials. People trust other people more than they trust companies. Highlight how others are benefitting from your products and services. If a recipient sees that most of their industry competitors are using your product, guess what? They’re going to sign up for that very same product themselves!

How can widget design help me cuts costs and improve sales?”

In order to make your company’s products or services more attractive to potential buyers, you should always keep in mind how it can benefit them. If you’re a member of your company’s marketing team, or the company owner, these should be self-evident to you. Highlight these benefits in your email signature campaign so that your customers’ questions are answered before they have a chance to ask them.

Learn how to choose the perfect solution and avoid costly mistakes.”

People hate making mistakes, and hate feeling as if they’ve been taken advantage of. Educate your customers on which of your products or services is right for them. You can do this by linking to a video, Blog article, or product page on your website. Anticipate their questions, highlight the product or service benefits, and provide the information your customers need to ask informed questions. Nobody likes sounding or feeling like a dummy.

Reserve a widget now for Christmas!”

Seasonal email signature campaigns are always a good idea. They get people’s attention and show that you are being active and engaged in your communication efforts. Nothing’s worse than having an email signature that hasn’t been updated in six or 12 months. Offer a promotion and see the interest roll in!

Buy a widget pass here and never wait in line again!”

VIP treatment goes a long way. If I offer to drive your car, your likely response is to tell me to go fly a kite! However, if I offer to park your car so that you get front-of-the-line privileges at the fanciest restaurant in town, you’ll not only say “yes,” but you’ll pay me to do it! If you’re looking to incentivize someone and butter them up, you can do worse than offering VIP treatment!

Call today and find out what the widget man doesn’t want you to know.”

What sort of trade secrets do you know that your customers could benefit from? Better yet, what sort of not-so-secret trade practices could you share with your customers that will make them feel as if they’re getting the inside scoop? Your company should always be positioning itself as the authority in the industry. These types of articles can help you achieve just that.

Get a free market analysis of your widget.”

You’ll notice the word “free” a lot on this list. There are certainly worse words to include your email signature campaign! People like free stuff, so why not oblige them? An email signature campaign that offers free analytics can provide a terrific lead-generating tool for your company’s sales team. (And with Xink email signature management software, your sales team can run its own email signature campaign, separate from the rest of your company.)

How can a new widget pay for itself in six months?”

CFOs and Marketing Directors love things that pay for themselves. It makes them so much more comfortable biting the bullet and pulling the trigger on new purchases. If you’re able to explain how your product or service will pay for itself in X amount of time, you’ve suddenly come up with a product that sells itself! Consider writing up a Blog article or creating a webpage on your site, and then link to it! Of course, such a banner can also put customers in touch with your sales team for a one-on-one conversation.

Join our mail list today and get access to exclusive discounts in our online store!”

Remember, VIP treatment is everything! People love being privy to details and offers that others aren’t. Creating a “Members Club” can help drive sales, lock people into your marketing channel, and promote business-customer relations by making them feel a part of the organization. It might not be right for every business, but the airlines certainly seem to like them!

Use our online calculator and see how much you can save.”

It’s about how your product or service can save your customers money. The great thing with a calculator is it’s interactive and familiar to people. People who may be reluctant to contact your organization regarding pricing might happily use a calculator to determine their cost. It’s fun and immediately relevant.

Schedule a Demo Today”

If a customer is unfamiliar with your product, one of the best ways to sell it to him or her is through a demonstration. Think of buying a car: the single most important aspect of the sales process is the test drive. Give your customers (and potential customers) a test drive of your product or service.

Sign Up for a Free Trial”

We were just talking about test drives, weren’t we? Well, a free trial accomplishes that just as well as a demo can. Plus, it has the word “free” in it, which people love! If you truly believe in your product, then you shouldn’t have concerns about letting people try it for free. Make them fall in love.

Check Out Our Referral Program!”

If you know that you have certain customers that routinely sing your praises, take advantage of this customer loyalty. Device and implement a referral program that will reward these brand ambassadors for sending new customers your way. Though this program won’t apply to everyone, even a single referral from a loyal customer could make such an endeavor worth your while.

This Week Only: 200% Off!”

Sales promotions are a no-brainer for your email signature campaign. What’s great about Xink is that you can ensure team members don’t include the promotion in their signature longer than they’re supposed to. Because email signature campaigns are centrally monitored and controlled through Xink, you can run a sales promotion for the exact amount of time that you see fit.


Just as it’s important to sell your product, it’s also important to educate people about your products and services. Tell people what your product is. Tell them why they need your product. Tell people why your product rocks. Product awareness is as important as brand awareness. If people don’t know what it is that you sell, why should they buy? Use your corporate email signature as a product showcase! Here are some examples of how to do just that!

See examples of our widget work with widget lovers!”

Why not use your email signature to highlight and showcase your portfolio? Whether you’re company designs and sells apps, or you’re a design agency with a growing portfolio of client sites, you can direct people to this work through your email signature.

Buy this widget and start saving tomorrow.”

Of course, sometimes it isn’t enough to simply point people to your work. Remember, a call-to-action is often needed to drive actionable steps on behalf of the recipient. If your product can help your clients save money, save time, make money, or reduce inefficiencies, highlight this benefit! Tell people why they should be using your product – in your email signature!

Watch this free video on making the most of your widget.”

Marketing is a continuous and ongoing effort. If you want people to be familiar with your brand, as well as its products and services, you’re going to need to put yourself in front of as many eyes as possible. If you have product videos on YouTube that are hovering at 50 views, share them! With an email signature campaign, you can double your views in a day, depending on the size of your audience!

Take Our Widget Quiz!”

The idea is simple: by applying gaming mechanics to non-gaming tasks, you can incentivize people to complete and participate in tasks that they might otherwise avoid. The concept is known as gamification. Have an email signature that says, “Learn About Widget X,” and be prepared for a lack of interest. Include “Take Our Widget Quiz” in your email signature, and people will think: “Ooh, fun!”

Listen to an excerpt of this widget audio CD.”

Too many organizations forget about the power of audio. Yes, graphics are nice, and video can be even nicer, but remember: one of the most common things found in the office in 2015 seems to be earbuds. People are listening to music, podcasts, and the radio constantly. If you have a product video or recording from a conference or seminar, consider turning it into a downloadable audio file. And then point people to this file!

What’s the first thing you should do with your widget?”

Asking questions is always a good way to grab a person’s attention, as you’re obligating that person to respond in some manner. Whether the response is answering your question or inquiring to learn more, a question is an active way to engage with a person. If you know that there tend to be common questions regarding your products or services, acknowledge these in your email signature campaign. Start the conversation yourself!

What factors should I consider before hiring a widget?”

Being able to make informed and education decisions on how to move forward with something can be incredibly empowering – and obviously, practically beneficial as well. Nobody knows your industry better than you do. Leverage your company’s experience and expertise to educate your customer base. They’ll appreciate the knowledge, and you’ll come out looking like the experts that you are.

What are the telltale signs of widget malfunction?”

An educated customer is a happy customer, particularly if you’re helping them trouble-shoot a common problem. Be on the forefront of meeting your customers’ needs so that they’re always happy. If your company’s software program experiences common glitches, or there are common user errors that are easily fixed through education, become the go-to source for such information!

Which widget is right for my widget?”

Which product or service do you offer that complements or works well with one offered by your clients? Though this may only be applicable to certain industries – particularly digital industries, which rely on multiple third-party applications and tools – for those that do relate, it can be a great way to incentivize customers. Does your app work well with their app? Let them know!

Check Out Our New Product!”

Everyone likes new products. Think of the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Think of the pomp and circumstance surrounding new car launches. New products are exciting. If your company has launched a new product or service, it should be on the proverbial front page of every marketing channel you have at your disposal. This includes your email signature campaign.

Check Out Our Product of the Day!”

Yes, with Xink’s email signature management software, you can even change your email signature campaign every single day. And these changes will automatically deploy to every single email in your organization – you don’t have to worry that Bob in Accounting seems to be two weeks behind. If you sell hundreds or thousands of products, you’re going to want to showcase all of them at some point.

General Promotions

Whether you’re promoting a sale, a product, or your own company, you should always be promoting something! Self-promotion is vital when it comes to business. Promotions can help build brand awareness, encourage your recipients to take action, or help turn existing customers into recurring customers. Don’t know how to promote your products or business? Take a look below:

Contact us today for a free report on widget management.”

By now you’re probably already catching on that “widget,” as used here and elsewhere, is just an example of something that you can include in your email signature. Replace “widget” with whatever it is your business sells or offers. Marketing services? Software? Hardware? Graphic design? Whatever it is, incentivize customers and potential customers to learn more about it!

Call now for a free 37-minute consultation.”

Or 5-minute consultation. The choice is yours; you’re in control! An email signature campaign is a terrific way to motivate your customers and potential customers to take action. What’s important to remember is that any action is better than inaction. Your recipients don’t have to automatically sign up for your product in order for your email signature campaign to have achieved its goal. Offer a free consultation or product demonstration and gauge the reaction.

Learn how growing widgets can save you time and money.”

Ultimately, in order to sell your product, you’ll have to demonstrate its benefits to users. Does it help businesses save or make money? Does it aid in production or workflow? Link to a Blog article, product page on your website, or product video on YouTube that highlights your product or service’s primary benefits.

Subscribe now for free tips on how best to use our widgets.”

Not all email signature campaigns have to be used to sell a product or service. If you can get individuals to opt into your marketing channel, that should also be considered a success. Offer helpful and ongoing information, and you’ll slowly build up a catalog of contacts. You can then rely on these contacts for marketing purposes.

Enroll in our online classes and increase your earning potential.”

As with newsletters and other opt-in marketing channels, Webinars and online classes are a great thing to promote in email signature campaigns. Providing your readers with a reason to enroll is always advised, of course. Why would someone want to sign up for your Webinar? Be sure to let them know!

Learn how to save hundreds on the price of widgets.”

You know what people might like even more than talking to other people? Saving money! Whether you’re running a temporary promotion or have multiple pricing options on your products and services, inform your customers how they may be able to save money when it comes time to buying. CFOs and Marketing Directors will particularly appreciate any penny-pinching efforts you might have to offer.

The 17 Biggest Mistakes Widget Sellers Make!”

You should always be mindful of what sort of impact your email signature may have on the recipients. If your email signature is boring, the odds are good that people will ignore it. See above: “Learn About Widget X.” That’s fine, we guess. But not terribly exciting, is it? Instead, think along the lines of: “You Won’t Believe What You’ve Been Doing Wrong!” A little bit of hyperbole can go a long way in an email signature campaign!

Find out how we’ve helped other businesses retain widgets.”

Any company’s authority within an industry is built upon its experience and ability to effect results. Demonstrate your company’s expertise within the industry by highlighting to customers and potential customers how your products and services have helped others. This is good not only for reputation management, but also as a sales tool.

Find out how affordable a widget can be.”

When you make people second-guess their assumptions, you have their attention. Your customers and potential customers likely have pre-conceived notions regarding your corporate culture, products and services, and pricing. Surprise them by offering them helpful and beneficial information that they may not be aware of.

Learn how you can afford a bigger widget than you thought!”

Everyone likes getting more for less. It seems to be a universal constant! Whether you’re running a 2-for-1 promotion, 15% off discount deal, or simply recently changed your pricing on a key product or service, highlight this! An email signature campaign is a terrific way to promote offers, discounts, and price reductions, and can even help you get repeat customers.

Does your widget misbehave?”

Bad widget! All joking aside, it’s always a good idea to be out front of potential customer complaints. As we discussed above with the “malfunctioning” widget, address common concerns in your email signatures and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone: meeting client needs and concerns while helping improve your reputation management.

Sign up for a Webinar!”

You can’t have a more definitive call-to-action than this! Encourage your email recipients to take a specific and concrete action, and you may be surprised at the response you get.

Come Visit Our Booth at XYZ Trade Show.”

Remember, your email signature campaign can and should be dynamic and always changing. Don’t pick a single marketing statement and run with it – change your signature to reflect upcoming events, news-worthy items, and other seasonal or temporary promotions. If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, let your customers know via email!

Read Our Latest E-Book!”

Just as you should be promoting upcoming events, promotions, and seasonal or otherwise news-worthy items, you should be promoting your literature, too. Whether you encourage readers to visit your Blog, read a press release, or download an E-book on industry topics, give your recipients the means to learn more about your company.

Sign Up for Our Email Newsletter!”

See above! Let people know what your company does, what it stands for, who you are, and where your expertise lies. Even if sign-up numbers aren’t great, the people who do sign up are interested parties!

Read Our Latest Case Study.”

You should always be thinking in terms of reputation management. How can you paint your organization as an authority in the industry? Case studies highlighting your company’s successes are one such way. Don’t bury them on the “Results” page of your website and forget about them – promote them!

Read Our Latest Press Release.”

This must feel like déjà vu by this point, right? Haven’t we gone over this already? Yes, but it’s worth reiterating! Keep your customers in the know when it comes to the latest going-ons at your company! Static companies are boring companies. If you have a news-worthy event or item to share, shout it from the rooftops!

We are Proud to Announce that We Have Won X!”

Reputation management can be the difference between year-over-year growth, and remaining stagnant. You must always be thinking, “How can I position my organization as an authority in the industry?” Company awards and industry recognitions are a great way to highlight your expertise in a particular field.

For Nonprofits: “Help Us Raise Money for Charity!”

Tailor your call-to-action around your audience. If you have a for-profit business, you’re going to want to promote a product, service, or marketing channel, such as a newsletter or Webinar. As a non-profit, you can be even more direct, and go straight to the punch.

Use Our Product Feature Suggestion Box!”

There’s an old saying about opinions, and how everyone has one. We won’t repeat it here, because it’s certainly not suitable for all audiences! Give your customers a chance to offer feedback and put in product requests. Your customers will feel like they’re a part of your organization and that their opinions are being heard, and your company will gain invaluable insight on customer trends and needs. It’s a win-win.

Internal Promotions

Email signatures can be used for internal purposes just as easily as they can for external purposes, particularly with how easy Xink makes it to distribute different email signatures to different groups. With our platform, you can easily send internal email signatures to your employees while still sending your standard corporate response to external recipients. Here are some examples of what this feature might be useful for:

Use Our Product Feature Suggestion Box!”

When you’re seeking feedback on a product or service, it’s easy to forget that your own team may have some of the best insights. Don’t forget to look inward if you’re hoping to improve a product via collective feedback. The odds are good that your employees have strong opinions on what’s right and what’s wrong about your company’s products and services – and how best to fix them!

Happy Holidays!”

Not every email signature campaign has to be a call-to-action. Sometimes it’s nice to simply say “hello” to your existing and loyal customers. They’ll appreciate it, believe us.

HR, Accounting and More

The same Xink features that make it possible to run internal promotions make it possible to leverage your corporate email signature for basic house-cleaning purposes as well. Different departments within your organization can receive and send unique email signatures. Say your Accounts Receivable department needs to remind customers that it’s payday? They can do that. Does HR need to fill an outstanding position? Why not seek out internal applicants first? Here are but a few ideas that may be right for your business.

We Have a New Job Posting!”

Don’t assume that you have to go to these “monster” job posting sites in order to find a qualified candidate. Depending on the size of your organization and the number of people in your digital Rolodex, you might reach more people through an email signature campaign than any other platform.

Refer a Friend!”

Going one step further, why not try your internal resources first if you’re seeking out new job candidates? Having an existing employee vouch for someone can take away so much of the guesswork and uncertainty that goes along with hiring new employees. Incentivize these people through a referral program, and you might find you have more qualified applicants than you know what to do with.

For Accounts Receivable: “Pay Your Invoice Today”

With Xink, different departments can run different email signature campaigns. After all, you may not want your sales team and your executive management staff running the same email signatures. The odds are good that a signature that is right for one won’t be right for the other. Xink allows Accounts Receivable, HR, Sales, Executive Management, and IT to all run different campaigns.

Dynamic Content

Your email signature can be relatively static, or it can be highly dynamic. How do you want to treat your corporate signature? If you plan on updating it often, you may want to link your signature to a third-party app so that your dynamic content fields update automatically. Why would you want to do this? Well, for the examples highlighted below, for one:

Happy Holidays!”

There are a lot of holidays throughout the year. If you have to manually keep track of every single one, you’ll likely go crazy. Throw company birthdays into the mix, and the task of keeping your company’s email signatures up-to-date and relevant might just be insurmountable. That is, of course, unless you build in dynamically generated fields into your internal emails. Have your “Happy Holidays!” and “Happy Birthday!” signatures update automatically with Xink’s dynamic pre-scheduling.

Latest Twitter Post

If you try to update your email signatures to include every Tweet from your company’s Twitter feed, you’re fighting a lost cause. It simply isn’t feasible (or perhaps even possible!) to update your email signature yourself with each and every Twitter update. Link your Xink email signature with your Twitter feed, and have this field update automatically!

Latest Facebook Post

What holds true for Twitter holds true for Facebook. Xink makes it easy to sync with third-party applications, enabling you to update dynamic content automatically. If you want your email signature to reflect your latest Facebook update, then sync the two so that it happens smoothly and seamlessly – without your input!

Latest “Insert Your Favorite Social Media Platform Here” Post

The world is a social place, and increasingly, consumers (and vendors) are forming a relationship with businesses through their social feeds. Linking your social feeds with your company’s email signature can be done subtly – say, through the use of app icons – or in a more direct way, such as via an updated feed. Keep your email recipients in the loop by updating your email signature automatically anytime your social feeds are updated.

Company Mergers and Rebranding

Email signatures can be used for internal purposes just as easily as they can external reasons. We’ve already touched upon this with our recommendations on internal promotions. Xink’s centralized email signature management software makes it easy to tailor your email signature to your recipient – whether that person is in-house or a customer. This may come in handy for situations like those below:

We are Pleased to Announce that Company X is Now Company Y!

One of the easiest ways to make an important announcement across an organization is via email. Yes, you could gather everyone into a single room and shout through a bull horn, but there are many things to consider: how much time will that take? Conversely, how much time will that waste? What sort of panic might set in if you send an email that says, “Company Announcement at 3PM Sharp!” when such theatrics aren’t necessary? And if the announcement really can be summarized with a single sentence, why do it any other way?

Our New Slogan is “Our Old Slogan Sucked!”

This one happens a lot. Chalk it up to vanity or today’s ever-changing digital and social media marketing environment, but more and more, companies seem to be rebranding themselves more frequently than ever. We’re not here to make a value judgment – just to say that if your company does come up with a new mission statement or slogan, why not disperse it to your team members via email? It’s quick, easy, and effective!