Growing Your Community via the Email Signature

There seem to be thousands of guides on “easy ways” to increase your followers on major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Yet people are forgetting one of the small but powerful social media tools – your company’s email signatures.

The name of the social media game is sharing. You need to constantly be sharing:

Email signatures is one of the best method’s to share your social media platforms. By placing links to your company’s social media profiles in your signature, you encourage people to start following your social updates. It is even better when you apply mandatory email signatures with these links for all of your employees. This increases the chance of gaining more followers, growing your community and increasing the chance for quality engagement and conversations with your target audience.

When you initially add social media profile links to your email signatures, people you are already in contact with will be more likely to head over and Like your Facebook Page or Follow you on Twitter. Leveraging the existing relationship, your social media outlets are natural progression of the relationship.

There are a few other strategies to direct more people to your social media profiles (community) with an email signature, including

The amount of social media tools available to you may be overwhelming. Start off simple with an email signature that directs contacts your social media profiles. Your comminuty will grow.