5 Great New Year’s Resolution Ideas

If you still keep on smoking in the new year or don’t get to the gym as you promised yourself, then pick any one or all of our New Year’s resolution ideas for 2016:

1. I will never send an email without an email signature again.

2. I will always use smaller email signatures when I reply to an email.

3. I will never ever again send out an email without a marketing message below my email signature.

4. This year I will not send any emails in rich text format because I really want to kill that format in emails.

5. Plain text emails suck, so I will never, ever, even bother responding to them anymore. (Unfortunately, I only receive plain text emails because most email messages are automated and most programmers suck because they believe html email messages are too dangerous for the World!)

I will choose #1, #2 and #3. Maybe also #4, but I cannot promise I will keep it, because Outlook meeting invitations are still in rich text format for whatever reason; really, no one understands. As for item #5, I will keep but I will convert them all to html just to be annoying.

Happy New year!