Letting Employees update their email signature Information

Your company’s employee email signature information isn’t a small detail; it’s an integral part of who your team is and how they present themselves to their peers, colleagues and clients. Their email signature information is a digital coat of arms, a company crest – a customizable badge of honor that defines their role in the company and draws attention to the campaigns they’re working hard to succeed on.

Yet the obstacles faced by larger organizations and agencies is that they lose the ability to customize communications or factor in employee preferences in those communications. This isn’t due to a lack of interest in the employee’s preference, but rather that it often becomes unmanageable to try to act as administrator over finer details.

The question is, how do you enable employees to access email signature information without micromanaging them that often results in frustrated employees and agitated IT departments that – let’s be honest – don’t really like having to deal with people.



Xink Strikes a Balance with Flexible Email Signature Information

Xink offers a solution that does the following: (1) gives employee access to tailor email signature information and (2) saves your IT guy from having to talk to anyone more than absolutely necessary. Being able to have a process that allows employees to uniquely identify their email signature information is also a smart marketing move that offers streamlined communications with your clients. Equally as important, it satisfies corporate’s need to be able to quickly get back to the business at hand without an excessive amount of time spent on “backend” duties.

With a simple walk through video, Xink makes it very easy to get on board with generating email signature information through dashboard placeholders called “fields”. Xink’s cloud platform makes it time-effective for administrators to automatically generate information or manually create email signature information. When creating mass signatures, IT can limit communications by quickly pulling information from a database to form an email signature specific to each employee. In addition to the usual data, users also have the ability to add pictures, which is a smart move that lets companies add a social element to their email communications.

An administrator, such as your IT manager, can also regulate how much control an employee has. This is really key to streamlined yet customizable email signature information.



So how to you allow employees to change certain email signature information?

Key pieces of information in an organizations email signature information can remain static, including the layout of the design, to ensure uniformity across the board. Yet, select fields can allow employees to have the autonomy to decide how they fill out that data. Here is an example of how to select which email signature information field the Xink Super User would allow the employees to change themselves:

Email SIgnature Information to Edit

A creative approach to utilizing this feature would be to have employees add an inspirational line or motto to each signature, making it possible for them to turn a digital coat of arms into a message that helps underscore their authenticity within a larger framework.

Finally this is what the employee will see when they are allowed to change certain email signature information (fields):

How to edit email signature information (fields) as an employee

We have even made a video for you on how to change your email signature information.

As a company, uniquely identifying email signature information tells your team that, “You’re part of our family, but you’re still you.”