Installing the Xink Outlook App for Windows

This guide shows you how to install the Xink Outlook app for Windows. You need to install the client app if you want to see the email signatures in Outlook and deploy them to Outlook from Xink. Use the invitation email to get the install link or if you are an administrator you can get the install from the Xink administration interface.

Once you have received the invitation email you can click the install link to install the app on Windows. Add your username (which is normally your email address) and copy the password provided in the invitation email and paste it into the credentials dialog box. You can then connect your Outlook with Xink.

The Xink Outlook app can also be installed on a Mac if you are running Outlook for Mac (Outlook:mac 2011 or Outlook:mac 2014). You can choose the platform install by following the link in the invitation email. There is a separate tutorial for installing the Xink Outlook App on a Mac OS.

If you only want to use Xink to distribute email signatures through Office 365 and Google Apps, then you might not need to install the Xink Outlook app. You only need to install this app if you want to be able to see the email signature while composing an email in Outlook.

Installing the Xink Outlook App is very easy!