1. Xink is the longest established cloud provider of management of email signatures

The history of Xink dates back to 2003 in the days where eMailSignature was the first email signature management solution in the world. In 2009 we started drafting the cloud version of eMailSignature and in 2011 we released the first version of Xink in the cloud. It was then called eMailSignature365. Xink was the first Azure-based email signature platform.


2. Focus on email signatures, nothing else

Xink solely focuses on email signatures and what’s in the signatures. Xink does nothing else but email signature management and integration to email systems and email apps around this. We are born in IT and live in IT and provide a world-class solution for our clients. We know literally everything there is to know about email signatures.


3. Optional signatures to choose from

Whenever the email program allows it, Xink offers optional signatures to choose from. This can be internal signatures, external signatures with or with marketing information, and less detailed information.


4. Rule-based signatures

Signatures (default and optional) are deployed to users via rules and condition in rules. You deploy signatures through information in the title, workplace, city or country. The flexibility is endless and you can create the number of rules you need for any size of the organization.


5. Xink is suitable for any organization of any size

Xink is usable for large enterprises with thousands of employees all over the world as well as small companies with only a few employees spread out over the world.


6. Our sales guys have technicial background

At Xink you are not tossed around from one department to another. The person you are dealing with can answer all your questions and help you all the way until you have implemented Xink successfully in your company.


7. Xink has over 999 features

At least if you count them all! So we are quite sure that we are able to support your setup too.


8. Support for department-based email signatures

With the extensive rule-based distribution, you manage the email signatures for the different apartments as if they were their own business units. This means that you can add different signatures, different brands, and colors to the different email signatures in your company.


9. Free remote setup sessions

We help you during trying out Xink, when you need to on-board correctly and when you have questions and need some training along the way.


10. Free training – always!

Yes, we offer you free training. Always.


11. Email signatures all inclusive

Including support and training, services and support. It almost feels like Xink is free.


12. We have yellow as part of our brand color

No-one else has that!


13. Email Signature preview

Make sure that your email signatures look good, the templates are in order and functions behave as expected. Use the built-in preview function to make you feel comfortable distributing email signatures to potentially thousands of users.

Email signature preview

14. Correct formatting of data

Xink offers many string manipulation functions to ensure that your details look consistent and correct. So, if you don’t have correct data in your employee data source, you can fix it on the go with Xink!


15. Editor editable on html level

You can design an email signature by using the powerful build-in editor. You can also dive further into the details and code your own html if you wish to do so. You might have something you just want to tweak in details and you can, of course, do that with Xink.


16. Plain text format supported

Plain text formatted signatures look boring but nevertheless, it is necessary to make them as well. Some email apps (for example the iPhone’s built-in app) send emails in plain text format per default. Did you know that?


17. No user action involved

When you use Xink your email signature appears automatically where it should. Always.


18. Logos in email signatures are always displayed

Using Xink is the end of red X and even “right-click to view images” if you wish. We have worked very hard on ensuring that the images always show correctly and at the desired place. We even have patented image technology which we have developed ourselves.


19. Dashboard for quick analysis of performance

The Xink Dashboard is brilliant to get a glace of your email signature performance and numbers. License overview, usage, campaign performance and so on. It is even available on the Xink App on iPhone!

Dashboard for quick analysis Xink


20. Flexible license model

Simply license the number of users who actually need an email signature in your company! If you have floating staff, or flex staff if you will, you can use another user’s license after a short grace period of 30 days. Easy to manage and fair to deal with. Add as many employees you want but if you only use Xink for a certain group, these are the only ones who will need a license. Check our Pricing!


21. 24/5 support worldwide

We are always available during work hours all over the world. Except for weekends where you will find us occasionally online but even at weekends we always answer your support emails real quick.


22. Highly effective chat and phone support

So many things can be sorted out so quickly by catching us on chat. And by phone as well.


23. Online meeting for high efficiency, support, and demos

We do 1-on-1 demos for our clients and potential clients. This is a very effective way to present Xink and it is also much easier for you as a potential client to have someone here at Xink to liaise with about your email signature needs.

Book a FREE 1-on-1 demo now!


24. So many customers can’t be wrong

We do the best we can to offer the best service in terms of personal attention and product quality. We have thousands of customers around the world, many of who have been with us for years. Check out some of our customer reviews here.


25. Used in more than 100 countries

Really! Xink is used in over 110 countries around the world! The number is increasing, both in terms of reach and clients using Xink in already existing countries. Thank you all!


26. Role-based administration

Xink is built up around role-based administration. It is normal that a corporation has several admins but it is equally normal that the admins all have different rights and permissions. You don’t want to let a marketing admin control the AD setup and employee synchronization. You can create as many admins as you wish and give them proper rights:

Role-based administration and permissions

27. Really easy to get started with your first signature template

Indeed, it is! Either you choose one of the nice templates available in Xink or you design your own from scratch by using the powerful built-in editor. And as if that was not enough, we can make your template for you and manage it in your account. Or you can get a partner who you trust to do this.




28. Hosted in ISO 27001 environment

Xink is hosted in ISO27001 secure environment. This means that the hosting environment complies with the ISO/EIC 27001 standardization and is on the forefront of implementing and managing information security. The Microsoft cloud services are audited from external auditors at least once annually against the ISO 27001:20013 standard. In practical terms, it means that you can expect your data to be extremely secure and safe with Xink. Xink runs 5 data centers around the world, Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and one in Australia.


29. 2-factor login

All admin accounts can be protected with 2-factor login by known authentication methods such as Microsoft Authenticator. We recommend that all accounts are extra protected with enabling this extra 2-factor login. As account admin, you can force 2-factor login on all accounts or just some single chosen accounts.


30. GDPR compliant

Xink is completely compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation Act in the European Union from 2018. This means that Xink complies with all common practices and regulations when it comes to storing and managing personal information. Read more on Xink and GDPR.


31. Xink admin app for iPhone

Download the Xink app for iPhone.


32. Xink offers you email signature hosting in your region

Xink is hosted in 5 different data centers all over the world. You select the data center of your choice in:


33. All encrypted traffic

Of course, all traffic is encrypted, everything is encrypted. Everything.


34. Extensive logging and tracing of activities

Everything that an administrator does, all administrators do and everything the employees do in Xink is logged. Carefully with IP address, timestamp activity and result. We leave nothing to any randomness.


35. Track suspicious login attempts and notify admins

Xink uses all the newest technology and methods to keep your data and account safe and secure. If any intruder would attempt to log in, steal your ID or anything similar, we know it instantly and our hardcore algorithms will notify us and you instantly with all the detailed information you can expect.


36. Manage an unlimited number of business units

Imagine you have 100k employees in 100 business units spread all over the world. How do you manage email signatures throughout this enterprise? With Xink! Xink allows you to administer an unlimited number of business units, each of them with their own infrastructure and brand. The Global Marketing team can manage everything from one location.


37. Xink fully integrates with G Suite.

Of course, Xink offers full integration into G Suite for your email signatures. Signatures are even visible when you compose the email in Gmail.


38. Support for Gmail

When you use G Suite and Gmail as your email program, Xink will make your email signatures visible while you compose your emails. More on Gmail email signatures.


39. Signatures visible when composing

Yes exactly, just to make this clear 🙂


40. Integrates to Google Directory

Xink syncs the Google Directory with employee information to make it possible to generate your email signatures for use in Gmail. Whenever you add or remove users to Google Directory they are instantly synchronized to Xink.


41. Xink supports Gmail app for iPhone

When used in connection with G Suite, Xink will add the email signature when you send the email from the Gmail app on iPhone.


42. … and Android

And Gmail app on Android as well…


43. Work across borders

If you have a company where users are spread out over the country, continents or even the planet Xink is the perfect way to manage your email signatures. With the invitation email-based control you install a small app on Windows of Mac which retrieves your signatures to your local machine. You can even manage your contact details through this app.


44. Works with no internal network

You just need an internet connection of course and then you can access your email signatures whether you are a sole trader, a small company with no infrastructure or a huge enterprise – or something in between.


45. Invitation-based signature sharing – Just like Dropbox does it with files

No matter where your colleagues work or are you can share your company email signatures with ease by use of the invitation email system provided by Xink.


46. Amend and update your own contact details

With Xink you don’t need to worry about “our AD is not updated” or “we don’t have updated contact details”. With Xink you can allow all your users to update their own contact details, so they always remain correct.


47. Choose between own signatures

Do you want to use another signature than the default? No problem. Make a list of signatures available to all users and let them choose themselves between the ones they like. Up to you.


48. Control of what information you want in the signature

Easy peasy. With the central control of contact details and customized fields, you can let users decide themselves if they want their mobile number to display at all, if they want their title to show, or even choose their position from a pre-populated dropdown list.


49. Choose which marketing campaigns you want in the signature

You might want to retain strict control over what messages go out as campaigns in your email signature. But you can also let users decide themselves. Make a list of available campaigns and let users choose for themselves.  All campaigns are tracked (if you wish) and individual performance is displayed in the dashboard.


50. Easy installation

Xink is seriously easy to install and we provide a variety of methods for you to work with. It all depends on your infrastructure and the email system you are using. It ranges from invitation email-based signature sharing, GPO deployment of Xink app to Windows, deployment of Xink client app to Mac, serverside with Office 365 connectors or even G Suite and other integrations. Or maybe just an Office 365 add-in.  No matter which method you prefer, it is very easy and well-documented, and we provide you with all the support you need to make your Xink implementation a success.

51. Works with mobiles and tablets

Of course it does. Xink supports mobile email apps in many different ways, and you really have to try it to see how it works with your setup.

52. Managed from the web

Xink is a SaaS solution and managed fully from your web browser and from an iPhone app. Never miss a chance to check your performance and make instant changes to your marketing campaigns or design.


53. Create own fields

Xink supports all the usual pre-populated fields in connection with Active Directory integration and similar directories. But you can spice it up with your own information such as certifications, titles, education and other information you might find relevant to display.


54. Make information fields read-only, editable or dropdown

As Xink admin you can customize your own contact details form. Let users add their own information, manage them or just make them read-only. Let users update the signature with a headshot and other information you can allow them to choose from. You have the full control as admin but the users have the flexibility under the control you give them. It is brilliant!


55. Add headshots to the signatures

Many do that – it adds more personality to your brand and shows the person behind. Often used in small or mid-sized businesses. More on headshots in signatures.

Add headshot to email signature

56. Follow usage via digest emails and dashboard

You have so many ways of keeping updated with your email signature campaign performance and account activity. By logging in to your different dashboards, by watching the server-side signature performance, click analysis and much more. Even on your mobile via the Xink Admin app!


57. Extensive dashboard to follow performance

Check your dashboard regularly and follow the performance, e.g. how many emails have been added a signature via server-side.


58. See who is generating the most traffic to your website

Reward the person who provides you with the most leads to your web site. This information is instantly available in your dashboard.

Top performing email senders

59. Xink app for iPhone works as an employee directory

Yes, that is true! Use it to search for contact details for your colleagues!

Xink app for iPhone as employee directory


60. Xink comes as an addin for Office 365

Control your email signatures via the Xink email signature addin for Office 365. It works instantly for Outlook (Windows and Mac) and of course also in OWA. Set your default signatures, make other signatures available and let users enjoy sending professionally branded emails.


61. Email Signatures in Outlook for Mac and Windows

Xink has, of course, full support for Outlook when you are using it for your Office 365 email. With the Xink app, you will be able to see the signatures as you compose your emails; both when writing new ones and when replying to one. You can choose between many different signatures by right-clicking the signature area while composing. And a lot of other things too!


62. Unlimited number of email signature templates in Xink

Create and maintain as many email signatures as you want! There is no limitation in Xink.


63. Xink Mac client for Outlook

Xink offers full support for Outlook for Mac. Enjoy the full-featured email signatures when sending email from your Mac laptop.


64. Xink works with your on-premises Exchange

Xink is born in IT and despite the fact that Xink is the leading cloud provider of email signature platforms, we do full support for on-premises Exchange Server setups. It works as seamless as you could wish for and you can have your mobile signatures added when sending emails. And lots of other things.


65. Xink Mac client for Mac Mail

Xink natively supports Mail for Mac. That is the built-in email program on your Mac machine.


66. OWA 365 integration

Xink is fully integrated with Office 365 from the employee directory to


67. Visible signatures before sending

All email signatures are visible while composing the email whenever possible.


68. Salesforce.com

When sending out emails from salesforce.com emails should always look the same as if they were sent from Outlook. With Xink they do.


69. Zendesk

Xink integrates natively to Zendesk, one of the leading support platforms in the world. When a support agent answers to emails, the same signature is used as if the email was sent from another device or program.


70. Open API

Integrate Xink with other solutions that send emails and include the correct email signature when sending. Xink has an open API that can be freely used by customers. It contains numerous integration possibilities and it is possible to make your own customized solution with Xink and your own systems. With the API the possibilities for integrations are endless.


71. Mobile devices supported

Xink supports mobile devices fully. Never miss the chance to send an email just because you are on the run. Your email will always look great anyways and the recipient will never know if you send your email from a phone or Outlook.


72. Add marketing messages in your email signatures

Use the space below your contact details in your email signature for marketing messages, banners etc. Xink allows you to add marketing messages (campaigns) in your signatures in numerous ways, make them trackable and identify the top senders in your company. More on how to use marketing via email signatures.


73. Scheduled campaigns and banners

Schedule marketing messages (campaigns), banners etc. in your email signatures and let them run in a certain period of time. Change them frequently yourself or add a marketing plan to your email signatures so you will have campaigns following your other marketing initiatives.


74. Click-through analysis of email signature marketing

Xink has built-in tracking facilities for your email signature marketing initiates. This is a brilliant way to gain insight into your email activity, who creates the most traffic to your web site, create more followers etc.


75. Geo tracking of clicks

Get insight into where end-users are and who are clicking your campaigns. Use this information in your analysis to create more relevant and targeted campaigns in your email signatures.


76. User-based campaign management

Create endless rules to distribute marketing messages and banners in your email signatures. Do it to each individual, do it per group, division or country. Do it exactly as you want.


77. Email Opening analysis

Get valuable information about how many emails get opened. Compare this information with your send statistics and click analysis and get detailed insight into the marketing potential of your email signatures.


78. Full support for Office 365

But of course! Xink fully supports Office 365 for email signature management. Xink is in fact so well integrated with Office 365 so you instantly have all your email signatures available in Outlook, on mobile and in OWA.


79. Connectors communication only via https

Of course. Everything that connects with Xink is secure and safe. Everything is tracked as well.


80. Support for OWA

Email signatures become visible in OWA without further ado. Everything looks as if you are sending your email from Outlook, the same signature, images, and all details are exactly the same.


81. Signatures visible in OWA

Whenever possible we strive to make signatures available to see as you are composing the email. In some cases, it is not possible to see them. But in the most commonly used situations, they are instantly available for you to see in OWA.


82. Signatures visible in Outlook when you are composing the email

Email signatures are always visible in Outlook if you wish them to be. We want you to see what the recipient will see too. In Outlook this is a neat feature by using Xink.


83. Optional signatures – choose your own signatures

Right-click the signature section while composing your email in Outlook and you can choose from a variety of signatures that your admin has made available for you.


84. Serverside signatures for full IT admin control in Office 365

Xink has an advanced server-side solution for you to add signatures as they are sent. All devices and apps are supported, and everything is extremely secure and safe in ISO 27001 Azure where Office 365 itself also is hosted. Read much more about serverside signatures for Office 365 in our blog post.


85. Email signatures in Outlook for iPhone

No problem. If you send emails in your Office 365 environment, Outlook for your iPhone is fully supported.


86. Email signatures in Outlook for Android

And Outlook on Android too…


87. Active Directory integration with Xink

Xink uses your Active Directory to keep your email signature populated with the correct contact details. Your Active Directory can also function as your distribution channel so different signatures are applied to different AD groups, security lists and other variables. Active Directory is integrated easily in Xink by using ADExport which in a secure and reliable way keeps your AD information up-to-date in your Xink account. Xink uses this data to generate your signatures in the backend.


88. Azure AD integration and sync

Xink can use your Azure Active Directory (AAD) to keep your email signature populated with the correct contact details. AAD functions as the backend for your employee data and is seamlessly integrated into Xink. Whenever you add or remove users in ADD, this is reflected in Xink shortly after. Xink uses this data to generate your signatures in the backend.


89. Create and manage email signature templates in Liquid coding

Liquid is an open-source template language. It lets you create signatures which are feature rich and which contain special functionalities and code.


90. Numerous functions for manipulating with core signature data

In Xink we provide a number of string and number manipulation functions for you to use. Don’t worry if your core data is not formatted correctly or looks great, this can be done with these functions.


91. Remove empty fields if data does not exist

Don’t ever risk to send “Mobile:             “ and then nothing is displayed because you don’t have the mobile number in the system. Or other types of information for that matter. You are completely covered with all of Xink’s special functions to handle exactly these kinds of challenges.


92. Parts of Xink are protected by a Patented technology

Yes, that’s true. We have a patent!


93. Xink has the world’s best email signature editor

We, in fact, believe so. We have built our own editor which is tailored to make email html in the backend.


94. Make your existing email signature editable in Xink with one click

If you have a signature design which you will use as your template for everyone, you can add it to Xink with ease.


95. Embed and link images in the same signature at the same time

Yes, we are magicians!


96. Xink has an extensive partner program

We have something interesting for you if you are a:


97. Powerful partner portal for Xink partners

At Xink we offer partners an extensive partner program with high recurring margin. In the Partner Portal, you can even manage your own clients, create clients and manage all your clients’ signatures and setup. Brilliant for giving your clients extra support and service.

98. Xink works in a Hybrid-Cloud environment

Should you have chosen to still run Exchange Server 2019 but run some services in the cloud, Xink supports that setup too.

99. Choose Xink because we believe we have the biggest collection of  email signatue infographics

Well..  we believe some of then are really tacky but yet funny – here is one:

100. We wrote 5 eBooks for you to get more clever about email signatures

They are all here – and they are good reading at the pool!

101. We posted another 101 post some years ago

Yes that’s also a reason for choosing Xink! we know everything about email signatures and we mean that. Go on reading 101 more 🙂