Data security is important to customers in a cloud-based world, but one of the hot topics in connection with safe harbour discussions is “Where is your data located?” What are the consequences for a European company to have its data located in the USA, particularly if they instead could be stored within the European borders? Let’s talk about data center location in this post.

I am pleased to announce that at Xink, we can not only take care of your data in our secure ISO 27001 certified data center (Microsoft Azure), but also now offer to store and process your data in a data center location of your own choice!

This topic can lead to a long discussion about the legal issues around data center location and I will not get into deep legal terms because it is not the subject of this blog post.

If your company is located in Europe, you can request the data to be stored and processed only within the European borders in our data center in Amsterdam! All storage and data processing happens within the European borders!

This is how simple it looks in your Xink dashboard where you can see your current data center information.

data center location

If you wish you can also have your data stored in the U.S., with data kept in the U.S. and data processing only happening in the U.S.


Sensitive personal data versus non-sensitive personal data?

We store information such as your employees’ name, title, telephone numbers and other information, but you decide yourself which data you want to send to Xink. It is commonly known and accepted that this kind of data is personal data but it is not sensitive personal data. This means that most of the laws regarding sensitive personal data do not apply but we treat your data with the biggest care as if they were sensitive personal data.

Please contact us if you want to know more about your data or would like to use our data center location in Europe instead of the U.S. Additionally, get in touch to learn about the advantages of following European laws.

Moving data from data center locations: US to EU

Contact us if you wish to move your data from the USA to EU. In most cases, data can be transferred but in some cases, not. In such cases, we have to create a new account for you. Depending on the amount of work involved, there might be a charge for it. But inquire first so that you can make an informed decision!