Xink – An ‘Email Signature Platform’

What do we mean when we say that Xink is an email signature platform? Why don’t we just call it an email signature product? To make it clearer, let me define the word ‘product’ versus ‘platform’. This is of course my interpretation and not a universal description of ‘product’ and ‘platform’. A ‘product’ has a very targeted purpose and solves a very specific issue. A ‘platform’ has a much broader scope but of course also targets a specific need.

Let me tell you why we consider Xink to be a ‘platform’. In effect, we say that Xink is much more than a simple software product. Xink allows you (and your marketing team) to manage company-wide email signatures and leverage email signatures for marketing purposes. And we integrate your email service with whichever third-party applications might suit you. This allows your company to better brand itself and to better market your products and services. And of course to maintain better relationships with email contacts. Here is what makes our email signature platform effective and indispensable for marketing and branding:

Central Management via the Cloud

Email signature marketing with Xink Campaign

Xink is managed via a web-based interface, allowing you to access your account from any connected device, including your phone or tablet. This cloud-based interface makes Xink the intuitive — and user-friendly — solution for email signature management. Simply log on and you have access to custom email signatures, employee databases, email signature marketing campaigns, and more. All this data we provide for you through a variety of different components such as:


Email signature platform - Integration

Our email signature platform integrates seamlessly with the third-party SaaS solutions that you are already using. That is why we make it easy to integrate Xink with and Zendesk to mention a few. And with Office 365, G Suite, Azure Active Directory, our developer API (make your own integrations!), and more. The key takeaway is this: if you are using third-party applications already, then the odds are good that Xink will work with it. We believe that integration with other platforms makes our own email signature platform much better.

If you are searching for a specific feature or component or integration, you can even build it yourself!

By using our API for your own integrations, our platform provides you endless possibilities when ensuring proper emails for all employees. That with marketing messages or not, we simply just make your emails look great.

Cloud = Easy to Set Up

Lykken ved en flot email signatur

Of course, being cloud-based, Xink is incredibly easy to set up. We host our email signature platform on Microsoft Azure, an ISO 27001-certified platform, and no browser-based plugins of any kind are required to get up and running. Suffice to say, we take security seriously at Xink, and are dedicated to providing a trouble-free, dependable, and proven platform for our users. To help your employees and co-workers better understand Xink, and to help them get the most out of our email signature platform, we also offer a wide range of video tutorials, along with a robust support center or help desk.

Role-based Logins

Think of role-based logins as access privileges. As a Xink administrator, you determine who sees what when they log in. To provide peace of mind and ensure that nothing is meddled with that shouldn’t be, administrators will have certain privileges that common Xink users do not (being able to modify email signature templates, or set up email signature marketing campaigns, for example). This guarantees that marketing campaigns, email signatures, and database information isn’t accidentally corrupted, deleted, modified, or tampered with. With our email signature platform, only those people who should have the keys get the keys.

And the list goes on and on. It should be clearer now why we call Xink an ’email signature platform’. Xink is not just a small product, but a comprehensive platform with a wide range of options for you depending on your needs.

Enjoy Xink!