How does this sound to you when we talk about images in emails:

This will all be possible with Xink’s new patent for handling images in emails!

Handling images in emails has all days been a source of frustration and especially images in email signatures.

The biggest frustration is that all email programs handle images and even the content differently and display them differently. Now the number of new email apps is exploding and it gets more and more difficult to ensure 100% consistent email signatures.

And it is not only a matter of ensuring a theoretically correct coding when the email is sent. It is all about how the email program/app handles the email, renders the content and what happens when it is replied to. It doesn’t really matter much if you reroute the email through a “washingmashine”, or whatever you do, because the email still needs to be viewed and replied to and that’s where you have the challenge.

How many times have you seen images in emails are gone, replaced with a ‘red x’ or replaced by “nothing” when you reply to an email with iPhone’s built-in email app? We will solve these issues once and for all.

New patented technology from Xink

We have been working on an algorithm which we have filed for patent in 2012. Prior to that we have been working on this for some years, so this has in reality been over 6 years from idea birth to a granted patent! We are very proud that we have been granted this patent because it is a verification and a unique stamp of our unique competences and leadership in this field. No less 🙂

So, what is it all about? What does it do for you?

In all simplicity we make the image in email signatures a natural part of the email. We don’t embed it, we don’t link it. We make it a natural ingredient just like any other email content such as “hello” and “sincerely” or any other text!

When you try it and see it work in action, you will see that it is pure magic!

We ensure that the image is still a part of your email signature, but it is not an image and it is not a linked image. It will never trigger a spam filter, and it will never show up as an attachment, because there is no attachment.

It just appears magically!

Watch this space to know more, because soon you will be able to try it for yourself.

Read more about the patent