At Xink, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of, well, everything and anything related to emails. So it will perhaps come as no surprise that Xink fully integrates with Apple’s brand-new OS Sierra operating system. You might not have made the upgrade yourself, at least not yet, but we have made certain that when you do, Xink will integrate seamlessly with the new OS.

As is our mission at Xink, we want you to be able to compose, deploy, and enjoy beautiful email signatures across devices, email platforms (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail… you name it), and operating systems – simply and reliably.

See your beautiful email signature as you compose the email on Mac. It will make you a happier person! Email signatures like this one, for example…

Political Email Signature - Donald Trump

No matter what your email signature looks like, in Apple’s new OS Sierra, Xink lets you see it while composing your email message. It just makes the whole process so much more enjoyable! See for yourself, OS Sierra users!

Get Control. Get Xink.