IT Ain’t Easy, But Someone’s Got to Do It!

That is a thought shared by many of the people in information technology. When an entire local area network is up and running, smoothly and without error, you receive little to zero credit. After all, ensuring that things work is simply part of your job description, right? But the minute something goes wrong, all eyes are on you. We get it and empathize with you. We know that being in IT is tough. It is, in fact, often a thankless task. But we can help. Our marketing tool can save the day.

Our Marketing Tool – Intended for Marketers, Designed for You

What do we mean by this? Well, the Xink platform is a marketing tool, make no mistake about it. It is designed to help marketing departments quickly and easily design, distribute, and manage email signatures across an organization’s entire work force. With centralized control and management, it makes enforcing brand consistency and implementing email signature marketing campaigns a breeze. In other words, marketers love it. Here’s where you come in, as an IT professional!


Though intended for marketers, Xink has been designed from the outset as an easy integration for IT departments, large and small. Most marketing departments won’t want to install the program (despite the fact that doing so is easy; no disrespect to you or your team, but you aren’t strictly needed in order to get Xink up and running). But you can. If you feel like your team is constantly ignored by Marketing, that you’re an odd couple on the best of days and a divorced one on the worst, then Xink provides you an opportunity to make amends.

All Relationships Start with a “Hello”

Introducing Xink to the marketing department yourself is a matchmaking scenario made in heaven. Why? Because introducing such a neat and lovely platform enables them to, in fact, get more leads, reach their goals, and drive greater brand consistency and awareness across email communication channels. And IT doesn’t need to administer one single bit; like we said, Xink is designed for IT in that IT doesn’t really need to do anything to get it up and running. With Xink, IT and Marketing can fall in love all over again. You introduce the solution that Marketing needs, yet don’t have to worry about maintaining it or keeping it up and running (or even installing it on local drives, as it’s entirely cloud-based).

Nobody Likes to Be Put in the Corner

You know that you’re valuable to your organization. We know that you’re valuable to your organization (even if we do occasionally give IT a hard time – in the end, it’s all in good fun!). Unfortunately, Marketing may not know or believe that you’re valuable to your organization. Change that today.

With Xink’s marketing tools, integration, installation, management, and maintenance are made simple. And that’s because we basically handle everything on our end. Our platform is entirely cloud-based for ease of use and convenience. But Marketing doesn’t have to know that. All they need to know is that IT recommended a kick-ass marketing tool that has enabled them to greatly improve marketing outreach and branding consistency. Why not take advantage of this relationship?