What is Xink and How does it Work

A common question we often get is in fact “What is Xink” and especially “How does Xink work”. Even though we offer a very user friendly product and sign-up process it can be difficult to see exactly how things are working.

I hope that this infographic will shed some light over what Xink can do for you what how.

What is Xink

Read more about Xink Developer API. This describes in more details how you can integrate Xink with your own systems and get the most out of your email signatures from Xink. If you e.g. have your own system sending emails out on behaft of users, then integrate with Xink to get these users’ email signatures.

Check out our other infographics of who Xink users are.

Enjoy Xink – I hope that this infographic helped you a but to answer the question “What is Xink?”