Many of Xink’s most common user scenarios can easily be explained or resolved with a visual guide. Of course, in other cases, only a well-thought-out and robust written resource will suffice. That is why we happily provide eBooks, videos, and infographics to our users (in addition to a wide range of FAQ tutorials on topics ranging from Office 365 integration to common features). Our goal is to educate our users so that no question is left unanswered and no stone is left unturned. We believe that an educated user is the ideal Xink customer because that person will maximize our platform’s potential. With that being said, let’s dive into some of our favourite infographics!

What Is Xink?

It’s the fundamental question: what is Xink? With this infographic, we set out to answer the question as robust and complete away as possible because it’s a difficult question to answer with just a word or two. And that is because Xink is all of the things illustrated below and more. It is about brand consistency. And email signature design. And marketing. And ease of use. And customization. And more. Xink is a comprehensive solution for email signature management across your organization. See for yourself!

Xink Infographic - What is Xink and How Does Xink Work?
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How Does Xink Work?

What better way to illustrate how Xink works than by illustrating the individual steps involved in designing and distributing a custom email signature? With this infographic, we show you the four primary steps of using Xink’s email signature management tool:

  1. Designing and Creating an Email Signature
  2. Adding Employees to Your Xink Database
  3. Testing Your Email Signature Design
  4. Distributing the Complete Email Signature to Employees

That’s the gist of it. For the details, open the infographic and learn more about each of these four steps. You’ll be surprised to find just how easy it is to integrate and execute Xink within an office or business environment.

Xink Infographic - How Does Xink Work?
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Xink Distributes Email Signatures Wherever You Are

We’ve shown you how to set up Xink in your office. But how do we explain the many and diverse benefits of Xink’s email signature management tool? Perhaps by showing you all of the places that Xink can access from! Because Xink is cloud-based and browser-accessible, you can update your email signature from anywhere, at any time. Try that with a locally installed software program.

Xink Infographic - Xink Distributes Email Signatures Wherever You Are
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Admittedly, we’re having a bit of fun with this infographic. But then, isn’t that the point? Infographics are supposed to be engaging and fun! We’re guilty as charged. You caught us. Congratulations. (But seriously, you could update your signature doing any of the activities illustrated above. You probably shouldn’t, but you could!)

The Email Signature Factory

Xink is like a production line for email signature marketing campaigns. Just throw your logo, employee info, advertising content, social media accounts, and various other tidbits into our email grinder, and out pops a complete email signature marketing strategy! (Okay, you have to create the strategy yourself, but Xink will help you execute it flawlessly)

Xink Infographic - Email Signature Factory
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Pick Your Components from Our Shelves

One of the great things about our email signature management platform is that it easily integrates with a wide range of third-party apps and software programs. Not only can you sync Xink with common email providers, like Office 365 and G Suite, but CRM platforms as well. But how do we illustrate that concept so that it’s easily understood? With an infographic, of course!

Xink Infographic - Individual Components on Shelves
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Think of Xink as a shopping cart. As a shopper, you can pick whichever products you want off the shelf and throw them in the cart. Xink isn’t too different. At the ground level, you have your basics: email signature design and content. Those are your fundamentals. But as you start scanning the aisles, you’ll start noticing the high-dollar items (in this case, third-party integrations and apps, Office 365, and G Suite). You’re free to use these too; throw them in the cart (that is, Xink) and get to work!

Xink’s HTML Conversion Service

Implementing your first email signature marketing campaign is like taking a road trip with the family: it can go smoothly, or it can go very, very poorly! We’re here to help ensure that it goes off without a hitch. Which would you prefer: a meandering drive through hellish weather with backseat drivers nagging you the whole way or a pleasant stroll through the countryside in your brand-new convertible? We know which we’d choose – Xink!

Xink Infographic - Email Design Service
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To do this, we first focus on deliverability. By that, we mean the ability for your email signature to be delivered to recipients as you intend. No broken images. No formatting issues. Just a perfect email signature, just as you designed it. To do this, we can take any email signature and convert it to HTML for easy implementation. That’s Xink’s design service in a nutshell. We’re here to rent you a beautiful convertible for a sunny day!