Discover Role-based Access Control

We’re happy to announce that we have rolled out an all-new role-based access control functionality. This new capability gives Xink administrators (IT departments and Marketing departments) greater control over who can access, change, or view Xink services within an organization. Why would you want this? Well, let us explain.

Different Permissions for Different Functions

Just as you hide certain information and limit certain privileges from your employees currently, based on their roles within your organization, it makes sense to do the same with any centrally managed application – including Xink. Depending on the role that an employee plays within the company, you can assign him or her a similar role within Xink in order to limit what parts of the platform he or she can access and manipulate.

Think of it this way: marketing administrators don’t need access to email signatures, and signature administrators don’t need access to employee information. Limit access for these individuals, and not only do you make their jobs easier, by helping guide their user experience within the Xink platform, but you also minimize your company’s risk.

Without access to information or privileges that they shouldn’t be privy to in the first place, you eliminate the chance of confidential information getting into the wrong hands or being seen by the wrong people, as well as eliminate any potential for unwanted or unmerited changes being implemented on the back-end. Put simply, it just makes sense to guide your users’ hands for them. It’s possible to give everyone the same permissions within the Xink platform, but why would you want to? Do you grant the same permissions to your company’s Gmail or Outlook settings? We didn’t think so.

Delegate Control of Email Signature Campaigns to Marketing

A good example of use of the new roles-based model is to limit individuals from your Marketing department to control only the email signature campaigns.
These individuals will not need to have control over any part of the signature layout or any other sensitive part of Xink so this is perfect for delegation.

Using Xink’s Role-based Access Control to Manage Email Signatures

For ease of use, Xink’s new access control capability comes with predefined role templates. Xink administrators can use the Role-based Access Control feature to assign permissions such as:

To set privileges within your own department or company, simply access the Admin section under your primary menu (accessed at the top of the page). From there, you can assign individuals within your Xink database to one of the included role templates. Once complete, that individual will only be able to access functionalities and features that correspond with his or her role: administrator, employee admin, signature admin, or marketing admin.

This is how role-based access is controlled in Xink:


Redefining “Manage” in Email Signature Management

At Xink, our goal is to make your job easier. We believe that creating, distributing, and analyzing email signature campaigns with customized and branded email signatures should be something that is accomplished quickly and easily. That is why we created Xink.

With our new Xink Role-based Access Controls, managing email signatures just became that much easier. But perhaps more importantly, it makes Xink more secure, more reliable, and more in line with your department’s needs and wishes.

Give it a try today!