With the presidential primaries underway, that great American tradition of campaigning state-by-state has begun. Candidates on both sides of the aisle are checking off one state at a time, traveling by bus, train and plane, in order to win over as many constituents as they can, so that come November, their name comes out on top of the ballot! In the spirit of this all-American endeavor, we decided to take a look at the U.S. states that are home to Xink clients.

Amazingly, we were pleased to find that Xink has clients in 41 U.S. states! But we figure, why not go for a perfect 50? After all, if there’s one philosophy that can sum up that uniquely American way of life, it’s “Go big, or go home!” So we’re calling on these states to step up and join the club! We’re looking at you!


Alaska is larger than France. That’s a lot of space. Okay, so there might not be as many people, but surely in a state as large as Alaska, there’s a successful corporation that could benefit from email signature management. Right? Come on frontiersmen and women! Yukon ho!


Idaho is known for its potatoes, skiing, and the rugged, untamed outdoors. Sounds like a great place to us! But what about all of those corporations and successful businesses in Boise? We haven’t heard a peep out of you. Don’t by shy, Idaho – Xink is an email or phone call away. We’re here to help!

New Hampshire

Ah, the Live Free or Die state. That’s the spirit! We admire your audacity, New Hampshire. And we particularly like that the presidential primaries start in earnest with your primary (sorry, Iowa Caucuses, but this is the real beginning of the show). But where’s that initiative when it comes to branding and email marketing?

New Mexico

Home to Roswell, Santa Fe, America’s first people, and White Sands National Park, New Mexico evokes the spirit of the Wild West. To Europeans like us, it’s just about the most romantic thing that we can imagine. Deserts that could cover entire European countries. Wide-open spaces. The great outdoors. Make us honorary citizens, New Mexico!

North Dakota

Wyoming has Devil’s Tower. South Dakota has Badlands National Park and the Sturgis motorcycle rally. What does North Dakota have? Untamed wilderness, a border with nearby Canada, and miles and miles of open road. If we could pick one U.S. state for a meandering road trip, it might just be North Dakota. Drive all day, pitch a tent in an open field… but back to the matter at hand! We’re calling on you, Fargo!

South Dakota

South Dakota, we’d love to add you to the Xink club! With Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and endless rolling plains, can there be a more truly American state than South Dakota? We think not! It’s time to join your brethren, South Dakota!

West Virginia

If West Virginia is good enough for folk-singing hero John Denver, then it’s certainly good enough for us! Country roads, take me home, indeed! But West Virginia, where’s that sense of sibling rivalry? You’re not going to let Virginia take all the glory, are you?! Let’s make a deal!


We’re noticing a pattern here. The Great Plains states seem to be lagging behind when it comes to email signature management. Fear not, we’re here to help. Take a pause from all of that fishing, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding and get in touch! We know Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons are distracting, but you must have to work at some point, right?

Calling All (Remaining) States!

All kidding aside, we couldn’t be more proud of the reach Xink has in the United States. To have clients in 41 states, as well as Washington, D.C., is something of a miracle to us. As a European company, making such an impact in America was never even on our radar. So to say we’re pleased would be an understatement. If we could add the remaining nine states to our Rolodex, well, that would just be icing on the proverbial cake!