Xink for Apple Mail

The Xink email signature platform is also for professional Apple Mail users.

Apple Mail_Xink email signatures

Xink is an email signature platform for the most well-known email programs used by companies. Our customer base includes several companies who use Apple Mail as their preferred email program. As long as it is for company use, we can help you.

Our easy-to-use email signature business software lets you automate your Apple Mail signature design in a matter of minutes, allowing you to have a consistent signature format and message, irrespective of device or location. With our app, maintaining brand consistency and marketing via the email signature space is easier than ever.

Within a few minutes, Xink’s signature maker can assure that each email signature provides the information you need, while offering each department the flexibility to target that message.

Xink for Apple Mail

  • Works with Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Cloud-based administration
  • Simple installation on your local drive
  • No server software maintenance required
  • Make your Apple Mail signature a part of your overall marketing plan
  • A/B test marketing campaigns
  • Target campaigns to specific groups
  • Marketing analytics demonstrate which campaigns are most successful

Reach out to us if you have questions for any other email programs, or head straight to our comprehensive Support site where you can find answers to most questions!

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